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The McGurk Tutorial                            


The reading assignment:

From time to time New Ruskin College offers scholarships to needy students who are in need of higher learning.




The War Against America,  Laurie Mylroie,  Regan Books, Harper Collins, New York, New York, 2001

From the forward by Woolsey:

“The War Against America presents a careful and lucid analysis of the 1993 attack.   The central argument of this brilliant and brave book is that the Iraqi government was key in the planning and implementation of that attack and, more specifically, that Ramzi Yousef was himself an Iraqi intelligence agent.  This was in fact the tentative conclusion reached by the veteran counterterrorism expert Jim Fox, then director of the New York Field Office of the FBI, who led the investigation until early 1994.

“Instead of directly addressing Fox’s strong suspicions that Iraq was behind the 1993 bombing, however, the Clinton administration chose to treat this act o terrorism purely as a law enforcement issue.  . . .

“The Clinton White House had a propensity to start with the impression it wanted to create and then work backward to the policy it followed and even the facts it sought.  If you start from the proposition that you don’t want the bad news that would result from a clear confrontation with a state, the probable resulting hostilities, and the likely casualties that would result, then putting on blinkers that leave state actions outside your field of view will help serve your purpose.”

R. James Woolsey,  Washington, D. C.,  <ぐ颵ᇏ芻௎text>September 27, 2001</ぐ颵ᇏ芻௎TEXT>

 “ . . .The War Against America argues that the first assault on the World Trade Center did indeed have state sponsorship - - -  from Iraq.  (2). . .

“After Yousef’s second plot, America focused again on the criminal trial of the individual perpetrators and again paid little to the possible involvement of a state.(5)

“Who is Ramzi Yousef, and who was behind his acts?  Who funded him?  Who trained him?  (6). . .

“That Abdul Rahman is in Baghdad is no secret.    . . . 

“And given the totalitarian nature of the Iraqi regime, Musab’s  (110) phone calls to his brother take on special significance.   . . .

“Indeed,  . . . in  . . . 1994,  a Jordanian-based stringer working for ABC News spotted Abdul Rahman outside his father’s house in Baghdad and learned . . . (he) worked for the Iraqi government. (112)

“Mohammed  Salameh, convicted for his role in the Trade Center bombing, made forty six calls to Iraq, the majority to his uncle in Baghdad, a convicted terrorist who spent eighteen years in an Israeli jail.  Most telephone conversations in Iraq are monitored by Iraqi intelligence.

“Following Salameh’s calls to his uncle, Abdul Rahman Yasin, an Iraqi resident in Baghdad, traveled to Jordan, where he obtained a U.S. passport. One of the original indicted conspirators, Yasin returned to Iraq after the Trade Center bombing and has been harbored by Iraq ever since.

“Ramzi Yousef entered the plot only after Salameh’s calls to his uncle.  He transformed the conspiracy from a pipe bombing plot to the audacious attack on the Trade Center by using the ‘largest improvised explosive device in the history of forensic explosives.’

“Someone created a false identity (legend) for Yousef by tampering with the official file of Abdul Basit Karim, who lived in Kuwait.  That included substituting a fingerprint card with Yousef’s prints on it for the original card.  Reasonably, only Iraq could have done that, while it occupied Kuwait.

“Sudanese intelligence conspired with another group of Islamic extremists in the related plot against the United Nations and other New York sites (the second plot), at a time when the Sudanese cooperated closely with Iraqi intelligence.  (253)

“All of this evidence adds up to the very substantial probability that Iraq was involved in both of the World Trade Center attacks.  The Islamic extremists provide Iraq with an ideal smokescreen for its own publicly declared terrorist aims.  As long ago as 1998, an Arab intelligence officer acquainted with Saddam predicted “large scale terrorist activity run by the Iraqis, conducted under false flags --- specifically under the cover of bin Ladin’s organization.

“ . . . The U.S. government had specific information that a state was involved in this massive plot.  Yet the evidence was only acknowledged three years later . . . given the close ties between the Sudanese and Iraqi governments . . .never officially acknowledged was that Sudan was acting on behalf of Iraq.

“The trial for the African embassy bombings made clear that al Qaeda and Sudanese intelligence were intimately connected.   . . . Iraqi intelligence established its own ties to bin Ladin, as the Wall Street Journal reported, and in December 1998, a senior Iraqi intelligence official, Farouk al hijazi, visited bin Ladin in Afganistan. (254)

“ . . . On (Ranzi) Yousef’s computer the found plans for a campaign to bomb twelve U.S. commercial aircraft flying on routes within Asia and then over the Pacific to Los Angeles and San Francisco.   Jelly like bombs, meant for the American Planes were also found in the apartment.  . . . As he boasted to the FBI agents . . . Yousef had done a test run . . . The bomb exploded  . . . (one passenger) mortally wounded.  Two others were wounded . . .  (199)

“ . . . Yousef’s second plot began in August 1994.  it was then that he came to the Philippines with another conspirator, Khalid Shaykh Mumammad, who remains at large. (202)





See No Evil, Robert Baer, Crown, New York, New York, 2002


“ . . .In December  1997  . . . he told us this story:


“ . . . his government was harboring an Osama bin Laden cell.  The two main members of the cell, he said, were Shawqi Islambuli, . . . and Khalik Shaykh Muhammod, whose area of expertise was airplane hijackings.  The prince went on to tell us that when the FBI attempted to arrest Muhammad . . . his government had equipped them with alias passports (legends) . . .both eventually settled in Prague.”  (270)





Sleeping with the Devil,  Robert Baer, Crown, New York, New York, 2003


“Louis Freeh has never gone on the record about Khobar and Na’if, but I suspect he wasn’t surprised.  He’d seen worse.  By the mid 1990s, Qatar was hosting ten al Qaeda terrorists now on the most wanted list.  When Freeh received a rock solid report showing conclusively that al Qaeda’s most lethal operative, Khalik Sheikh Muhammad,, was among those being harbored by the Qatar government, Freeh send a demarche to the Qatari minister of foreign affairs, asking that Qatar honor its commitment to turn Muhammad over to the FBI.


“Freeh particularly wanted to put away Muhammad because he was the uncle of Ramzi Yousef, the man who planned the truck bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.  Muhammad had also planned to blow up eleven American airliners over the Pacific.  He even practiced on a Philippines airliner, killing a young Japanese passenger on a flight in late 1994.  One of Muhammad’s associates arrested in the Philippines credits Muhammad with being an early backer of hijacking airplanes and running them into U. S building including the CIA headquarters.  . .


“Muhammad’s suspected involvement in terrorists plots clearly threatens U. S. interests,” Freeh wrote in a letter shown to me by a high ranking Arab intelligence official.  “His activities in Qatar threaten your government’s interests as well.   Indeed, you indicated during our meeting that he may be in the process of manufacturing an explosive device that would potentially endanger the lives of the citizens of Qatar.  In addition, you indicated that Muhammad has over twenty false passports (legends) at his disposal.


“. . . Although Muhammad was an employee of the Qatari government at the time (ironically , he was working in the public water works), the administration claimed they could not find him.  In fact, they secretly whisked Muhammad out of the country, keeping an FBI squad cooling its heels in a Doha hotel.  Freeh’s dismay must have turned to anger when he found out that Qatar had dumped $23,938,994.20 between 1997 and 1999 into a Washington law firm close to the White house . .. .


When Khalid Sheikh Muhammad was run to ground in Pakistan in March 2003, he was in the company of Mustafa Ahmed Hawsawi, a Saudi conduit for the September 11 hijackers drawing from accounts in the United Arab Emirates. (18-19)


“ . . .I e-mailed a friend still in the CIA . . .

“My friend wrote back the next week:  no interest.


  . . . so I called a New York Times reporter named Jim Risen . . .  The black prince was still prepared to spill his guts.  Unfortunately, just as Risen was about to get on a plane to go see him,  the black prince was kidnapped in Berirut and flown back to Doha.  At this writing , he is locked up in a windowless jail, and his family says he’s being injected with debilitating drugs.  (197)”









Why are you reading this here, at this site, for the first time?   Why do you come to this web site to find out what is going on?


Referenced above are three important books.  You have the testimony of a  former director of the CIA, and a former CIA case officer.  (Whom the Clintons betrayed and placed under a criminal investigation because their National Security Advisor, Tony Lake, chose to believe Saddam Hussein’s disinformation, obviously false on its face, over Mr. Baer who had devoted his life to America.  (Where do we get men like Mr. Baer?))


The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and Newsweek all contributed to the research and independently published corroborating  information. 


You could go out and commit journalism yourselves but instead you come here to me.  Why?   Why can you not tell the truth?


The last few days, since the publication of my  ‘45 minutes,’ there has been a breathless rush of stories from the Secretary and the President discussing the “involvement” in 9-11.  What does that generalization mean?  Are you trying to clarify or obfuscate?  By involvement do you mean did Saddam Hussein actually meet Atta?


This is the view:  we can look at things in the distance or close up.  For example, the local Marin paper, the one that put Russ Weiner on their front page because of his achievement of owning a Hummer, (bought with his dad’s money), have been running front page stories:  Secretary denies OBL Iraq connection, President admits no connection. ABC News reported on the Iraqi connection  in 1994 and yet now they cover it up also.  Forget the MIJ.  ABC News covers it up.

Don Imus is whining “Why is all this coming up again?   It’s a mess.  It’s a mess.  Five years from now we will be talking . . . Vietnam . . . hanging on the runners of the helicopters. . .etc. etc.”  It is this kind of thoughtful insight that made Imus what he is today.


Mr. McGurk, with his “They will never see the trees bloom again. . .” maudlin, sweet, dripping, sentimentality,  thinks his “concern” and “compassion” for the suffering of our troops substitutes for the requirement to think.


He is wrong. 


He dishonors them.  Indeed, they are in the situation they are in because of Mr. McGurk and all the others out there just like him who think emotions substitute for thought.  We did not just get into this situation.  Note that McGurk lives in New York.  He knows people who died in the towers.  He is employed in the media.  Has Robert Baer even been invited on the Imus show? 


New Yorkers voted for Mrs. Clinton even though they knew what the Clintons had done.  Cop killing terrorists were let out for votes.  New Yorkers are ok with that.  Mark Rich?  Ok?  They betrayed the people of New York and America and ignored the state involvement in the first WTC attack and covered up the state involvement in the second attempt to attack the UN and tunnels.  Not a problem for liberal New York.  Liberal?  Ok with McGurk who seems not even to know about these facts?


And so you come here to read about your History. Why?


McGurk you dishonor them by not using your mind.  It is your duty to find out the facts.  This is your duty to our troops.  The truth.    Imus could have found out about  state involvement in the first attack on the WTC.  I found out about it.


McGurk, emotions are not enough.  Emotions can get a lot of people killed.  Emotions over thought are what got us into this situation.  The “I care about the troops more than you,” emotionalism.  If you had used your show to promote intelligence instead of  . . . would the Clintons even have come to power? 


Remember when Clinton first came to town for the primary?  I had just written a letter saying “we have all agreed to play by the rules.”  Clinton came to New York saying “We all play by the rules.”    He could say it but he could not do it. 


But this is how we got into this,  “mess”  as Imus calls it.  Senator Kennedy shouts on the floor of the Senate:   “The American people want to know how many more of our sons are going to get killed in Iraq.”  He bellows on like that because no one ever confronts him.  Our men are at greater risk because of his shouting, he is playing politics with their lives.  If you are a terrorist do you think this is not working or do you listen to that large shouting Senator and think, ‘Yeah, now we have something going.’


I am sorry the Senator’s brothers have been killed.  One in war, two by murder.  I am sorry Senator.   No one dares say, ‘But you have been hiding behind that emotionalism too long.  You are going to have to grow up.’   This is what emotionalism does to you McGurk.  Do you want to turn into a Senator Kennedy, or a Jessie Jackson, or a Michael Weiner?  Substituting emotions for thought?  

Counselor:  Oh, I see, so its not just women, Blacks and Jews anymore?  Now it is Gentile White males?


Now, you see that’s unfair.   No one is happier than me to criticize a couple of Chatholic White guys.   I have never really been talking about groups.  Max Weber said always think of everything as an “example.”  These are all examples of people using emotions to intimidate others into silence and to avoid having to think critically.    I am not intimidated by these emotional arguments.  I will not be intimidated by McGurk’s emotionalism, or by Senator Kennedy’s emotionalism either.  (I am sorry for his brothers, but he dishonors their memory by hiding behind them and using his suffering as a way to avoid criticism and as a substitute for reason.  As does McGurk’s, “They will never see . . . .) 


It is good they both are concerned for our troops, but emotions are not enough, the Senator is in the wrong.  Senators do not discuss troop deployments by shouting about “our boys dieing” on the floor of the Senate.  He has disgraced himself.  And not for the first time.


Now go ahead, all of you.  Really let me have it.  Michael Weiner set up another burglary.  Ron Owens get me fired from my next job, and go on the air laughing about how you did it.  KGO – ABC News,  you are good at cover ups you help them ok?  Don’t forget to tell everyone what an anti Semite I am.   Be sure to call my colleagues, Doug Dary and Scott Bobro get them after me too.  And let’s see who else?  Oh, Don Imus, you get Frank Blaha to send you my e-mail, or who ever.  Oh, and KSFO, how could I forget, you get someone to steal my mail, and follow me.  Don’t forget to follow me.  Destroy my life.   Senator Kennedy you and Mrs. Clinton can get the IRS to go after me again.  Senator Dodd can help you.  KQED use your connections at AAA auto club.  Perfect. 



The suffering of the just is the condemnation of the oppressor.

-------- The Colonial Motel Suspect 



But just tell me,  why are you reading about this here for the first time?  Why didn’t you see what has already been well documented.  There was state involvement.  The same actor, Yousef, was involved  in the first attack, and he was with Mohammed.  Mohammed organized the second WTC attack. 


You know how these thing work.  I can not prove the burglary, but KGO has the pages of the notebook!   MIJ  knows about the theft of the web pages but I can not prove that Kinkos is part of the Intel Operations just because the pages went straight to Michael Weiner also.

Oh,  now I see.  You are playing the same game with the nation and our troops that you have been playing with me. Using the IRS against me,  that was like Anthony Lake opening a criminal investigation against Baer.  Rosie Allen’s cover up of the burglary is like the mass media’s denial about the state involvement in the terrorism of the 1990s because that was the cover story the Clintons wanted so they could keep their poll numbers up.  Why you cynical bastards.


This has nothing to do with truth.  Its just about power.  ABC News uses its power to suppresses me just because it can.  Bought and paid for.   I see.  But McGurk.  I expected better from you.