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Imus Protests April 2004
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Psy Ops #6:   Imus Protest Handbill 04-14-04

Psy Ops Number Six:

Every item in the Intel Operations can also be included as a Psy Ops.  Indeed it is only after one has been able to notice, or discover, the Intel Operations that they can be listed as Intel Operations.  Prior to the discovery of what is going on they are pure Psy Ops.  For example for the weeks and months, before Greg Irwin confessed that his brother was radio personality Shotgun Tom Kelly, I had no idea how Don Imus might be able to get the information on me in order to make his coded references to me, back in 1998.  (see Psy Ops)

I have explained that Michael Weiner is now moving to ever more extreme harassment (see How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One from MSNBC), but that it is difficult for me to describe.  The difficulty arises from the fact that the opposition, (KQED, Michael Weiner, ABC, Don Imus, etc.),   claim that every allegation is lunacy, the product of a deranged mind, etc..  I only feel confident to list their harassment here on this web site after I have independent confirmation from at least one other source. 

For example, Intel Operations Example Number One, was only listed because a local journalist made an on air reference to the statement:  “ . . . so she can park her car in a red no parking zone.”  Prior to this independent confirmation, though I had suspicions that Michael Weiner had used electronic surveillance, (in addition to the burglary at the Colonial Motel and the theft of my notebook), (see Intel Operations and The Stolen Notebook at the Moynihan),  I would not risk exposure to the charge of psychotic delusions, etc. until the journalist used my phrase ( “. . . so she can park her car in a red no parking zone.”) 

Ron Owens has some relationship with the children’s clothing designer at Gymboree.  Ron Owens went on the air during his broadcasts making references to how she had had me fired from Access.  I am certain of the connection for a number of reasons independent of his own on air references.  Yet in the years since the incident no one has commented on who this woman is or what her relationship to Ron Owens might be. 

After I called on Gordon Peterson to name the young editor of the national conservative magazine that I say is a boastful liar, (see Who Killed Duane Garrett Part II: The After Action Report), Mr. Peterson declined to name the editor or even name the magazine in his next broadcast.  (Charles Krauthammer did oddly refer to himself as “the professor.” [College:Professor(?)] This hardly qualifies as even a “coded” reply.  (It does perhaps explain how Peterson heard about the editor’s boasting about what a good liar he is.  Someone who knows both that young editor and Gordon Peterson would be the messenger.  Someone who perhaps writes for that magazine and also appears on the Peterson show.  Humm, who could that be?))

The phrase,  “. . . so she can park her car in a red no parking zone,” was spoken on only one occasion by me:  the evening before the break in at the Colonial Motel.  The journalist who years later used the line could testify to the truth of the charge in Intel Operations Example Number One but to date has refused to come forward.  Many no doubt know what the relationship is between Ron Owens and the blond bitch, the children’s clothing designer, at Gymboree.  Krauthammer could name the young editor.  (And so could Peterson.)

But all are silent.  In the absence of corroboration these suspicions remain pure Psy Ops.  I am denied even the certainty that I am being tormented.  Which is an additional torment.

David Gregory appeared on Imus on 04-13-04 and made a coded reference to this web site when he asked Imus if “Charles is going to be around for a wile” because “I want to call back and run a few things by Charles.”  (A reference to Hand Bill 04-12-04 (see below) where Imus mentioned he had been contacted by a reporter from the New York Times.)  Gregory’s was a double joke:  First, a play off the idea at this web site that Imus has been “exposed” and now everyone knows how he has stalked me for years, and now possibly even the New York Times was investigating; and then, secondly, the joke is, of course, everyone knows and no one cares, not NBC, ABC, PBS, and not the old gray lady. 

I doubt Gregory gave any of this a second thought when later the same day he asked the President of the United States of America, “And do you believe there were any errors in judgment that you made related to any of those topics I brought up?”  Errors in judgment?  I kid you not.  No indication of any self awareness of his utter hypocrisy.  (Is that what it takes to succeed in broadcasting?  Must one be completely unaware?) 

David Gregory, NBC, owned by the same billion dollar media group that owns Imus, in the morning expresses knowledge of the involvement of Imus in over a decade of harassment, psychological torture, and oppression;  gives an on air wink to the degenerate Imus;  then later that very day charges the President, “you never admit a mistake.”  I am not making this up.  He is really that contemptible.  

Errors in judgment?  Gregory jokes with Imus about his oppression of this author and then questions the President’s judgment.  This is not just a mistake.  It is evidence of a corruption so deep, a lack of self-awareness so complete, that it can not be simple cynicism.  The cynic is at least aware he is cynical.  David Gregory like Imus seems to have so compartmentalized his conscience that he is irretrievable.  A lost soul.

David Gregory’s hypocrisy is not unknown at NBC.  NBC's Tim Russert closely questioned George W. Bush about his connection with Bob Jones University in South Carolina (Meet the Press, 02-13-00).  (Candidate Bush had a campaign appearance at the school.)   Tim Russert charged the candidate’s appearance  gave "affirmation to that institution."  Has Tim Russert severely questioned himself whether his weekly appearances on the Imus show are giving affirmation to that institution?  (Don Imus has repeatedly charged President Bush was involved in a distribution of a flyer that contained a racial slur while campaigning in South Carolina.  But Imus has never offered any evidence to justify this allegation.  Needless to say the Democrat operative, Tim Russert, has never objected to these charges.)

The columnist Philip Nobile, (Newsday on February 22, 2000), has said, “There is a Gentleman's Agreement among elite journalists in the Boston-Washington corridor regarding morning radio man Don Imus.”  Yet Nobile was only concerned with the likes of Gregory and Russert appearing to “affirm” the vulgarity and racism and sexism.  He was thinking of the spoken words.  For example, Imus’ repeated charges that Laura Ingraham is a lesbian, or her alleged involvement in the vandalism of a man’s home. 

However, this time what David Gregory was joking about with Imus was not ‘mere words’ but the oppression of the author of this web site, which Don Imus has carried out for over a decade.  Following me from work place to work place, harassment, psychological torture.  Don Imus has gone well beyond mere words.  Therefore, David Gregory’s coded on air wink at Imus, was an acknowledgement of not mere words but an acknowledgement of a pattern of conduct that crosses over the border well into criminality.    Does David Gregory recognize the distinction?  Would he care if he did?  Does the reader?

Counselor:  But wait.  What about Glenn?

No, he doesn’t want to be mentioned anymore.

Counselor:  But why?  Your talk about Christian Theology.  The discussion of Communion.  All of that was a reply to his talk.

I don’t know.  He seems . . . I don’t know.  Religion can be a touchy subject. 


Hand bill for internet protest of 04-12-04

“It is a scary time in America, boys and girls.” ---- Don Imus, 04-12-04

Was Don Imus thinking about the war on terror in which we are losing a dozen young men every few days?  No.  Was Don thinking about the threat hanging over our Nation from new terrorist attacks?  No.  Was  he then thinking of the threat of bio warfare, and the destruction of all mankind?  No.

Don was talking about the fines his colleague Howard Stern has received.  That the millionaire Howard Stern, or rather the billion dollar media enterprises he represents, will have to pay a fine for indecency, this, is what Don Imus finds “scary.”

Sometimes the morally obtuse can be humorous; but they can also be disgusting;  even criminal.  Don Imus has used his influence with the criminal organization, GAB Robins, (see Psy Ops), to harasse me;  he has stalked me for these twelve years since I wrote the ‘Last Letter,’ (see Moynihan Library at this web site), and today he is complaining about the conduct of the F. C. C.?   They fined a fellow millionaire for indecency, and that is what, in Don Imus’ mind,  is scary.

How can he be this blind to his own hypocrisy?  How can he complain about anyone?  But the F. C. C.?    How has he so compartmentalized his mind?   There is something missing inside of him.  Conscience. 

He is aware that he has been exposed.  For example on Friday,  04-09-04, he lets it be known that Mr. Jim Lehrer, (see Who Killed Duane Garrett Part II:  The After Action Report) has written him “a letter,” and also that he has been contacted by the New York Times who had a news reporter call him.(?)  He also started to say something about Gibson’s movie then checked himself.  (see the prior hand bill 04-08-04)  

He knows that his treachery, his oppression, his little “amusements,” have been exposed. But then, so what if everyone knows that he is a scoundrel?  No, there is not even that much self awareness.   He doesn’t like millionaires being fined by the F. C. C..  His own criminal conduct doesn’t even come up to the surface of his consciousness.

A hollow man. An empty shell of a human being.  A man without God.

“I spoke just now of a move from morality on into religion.  I could think rather in terms of a move from religion into morality, that is rediscovery of religious modes of thought deep inside morals.  That religion and morals somehow overlap or ‘blend’ may seem obvious: yet in the secular atmosphere of today may need stating as well as studying.  The exercise of duty is not a cold look at the facts and a jump to a moral intuition or dictate of reason:  the picture implied by a sharp distinction between fact and value.  We are all the time building up our value world and exercising, or failing to exercise, our sense of truth in the daily hourly minutely business of apprehending, or failing to apprehend, what is real and distinguishing it from illusion.  The absolute’ may be thought of as a distant moral goal, like a temple at the end of a pilgrimage, a condition of perfection glimpsed but never reached.  Or of course it may be thought of as being, or being the property of, a personal  God.  But the idea of absolute, at truth and certainty, is contained in ordinary exercises of cognition, it is already inherent in the knowledge which suggest our duty, it is in our sense of truth; however feeble or ‘specialised’ our response to it may be.  Our justifications of our moral failures pay it homage.  It should not be seen as a dangerous possibly heteronomous property of religion (or a kind of transcendent ‘thing’), but as something innate in morality which can also bind or  connect morality with a certain understanding of religion.”  ---  Iris Murdoch, (303)“Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals.”

Don Imus’ failure to apprehend his hypocrisy is also his failure to apprehend God.

God is “in” your morals. Your knowledge of  what Don Imus, and Michael Weiner, and Ron Owens, and all the others have done to me, is your “building up our value world” and your failure to act on that knowledge is your “exercising, or failing to exercise,” your “sense of truth.”  For example consider when Bill O’Reilly, just before a commercial break, said that he did not shout down callers the way “some talk show hosts do.”  Then apparently he thought that Michael Weiner, (who is notorious for shouting down his callers), might take offense.  (Why would Bill O’Reilly care?)

When Bill O’Reilly came back on the air he made an explicit statement saying that he was not referring, (in his earlier statement about shouting down callers),  to Michael Weiner and then went on to praise Weiner for being “efficient” in “stripping down phonies.”  O’Reilly knew about Weiner, but for reasons of his own, chose to endorse Weiner with his own personal endorsement. 

Weiner would later travel to meet with “Mel” for a “private screening” of the “Passion.” Quid pro quo?  This Bill O’Reilly choice,  is an example of  “failing to exercise, our sense of truth.” It is here in Bill O’Reilly’s “ordinary exercises of cognition,” where you will find God.  Not a celluloid Christ. 

This is what is meant by the phrase:    God has become man.

Not a God in the heavens, not a Thunder God, but a God right here, right now, not just ‘with us’ but ‘in us,’ in the very wave length of light that reaches your eyes and the neuron networks that stream and glow inside your cranium,  “in the daily hourly minutely business of apprehending, or failing to apprehend, what is real and distinguishing it from illusion,” this is where you will find God:  in the ‘ordinary exercise of cognition.’ 

In the glassy eyed Jim Lehrer, in the obtuse Don Imus, in Bill O’Reilly’s choices, cognition has failed.  In their failure to apprehend value, they have failed to apprehend God.  Without value there can be no God.   And that, Don Imus, truly is scary.

----  The Colonial Motel Suspect


Hay Glenn


On the Media,  that was. . . cute. (Someday you might try actual reporting.)




Hand bill for internet protest of 04-10-04

Darkness within Darkness, the Gate of all Mystery. 

a "ranch for kids with cancer."

Imus was so pleased today, Thursday, 04-08-04,  to announce that Senator Flip Flop has agreed to come back on his air.  His old radio pals have not abandoned him!

That his oppression of this web site’s author has been exposed makes no difference.  (see Psy Ops and Who Killed Duane Garrett Part II)  What is the point of being rich and powerful if you can not use your wealth and power to destroy others?   Senator John Flip Flop Kerry, a rich man himself, understands this.

He called his Secret Service minder a “son of a bitch” because he, like Mrs. Billy Clinton, regards the Secret Service as he does any of his domestics. We do not even live in the same country.  They are not like you or I;  theirs is the psychology of the rich and powerful.  A mixture of vanity and ego mixed with a self righteousness that is more than just entitlement. 

But how do they sustain this self righteousness?  Where does it come from?  This is the function of the “ranch for kids with cancer.”  It is both a pedestal and a shield for the ego of Imus, the vanity of Imus.  Don Imus stalked me for a dozen years.  Followed me from my job at State Farm to GAB Robins in order to harasse me and destroy me for, as he says, his “amusement.”  It “amuses” him.  If this oppression should become known, or even if he should have an uneasy bout of conscience, there is always the “ranch for kids with cancer,”  a ‘good work,’ a balm for a troubled conscience.  

And here you have also the liberal’s psychology.  Have you flipped flopped on the war?  No problem,  just think: “kids with cancer.”  Have you gone on the air and accused your children, (from the first marriage), of being the cause of family quarrels?  Think:  “Kids with cancer.”  Wasted twenty years on booze and drugs:  “kids with cancer.” 

In another age they would have made donations to the Church, to buy off their conscience.  (Usually only on their death beds.)  Today, they use other peoples money to buy off their conscience.  Tax leveraged charity is so much more economical.  And as Kerry knows it is even better to use the taxpayer’s money.  All that ‘good work,’ soothes the guilty conscience and deflects all criticism.  A useful shield for the politician.

Has Senator Kennedy told the widows of the dead, their friends and family that their Commander in Chief led them to war on a lie?  This is not a problem for Senator Flip Flop.

(Notice that Kennedy specified the place where he alleges the lie was concocted.  “Texas.”  Why did the state where the lie was made up have relevance?  Why did Senator Kennedy think it important to specify Texas?  A pedestal and a shield for his ego?  He wants to add, ‘My brother was murdered in Texas.’  The assassination of his brother is Senator Kennedy’s  “ranch for kids with cancer.”  Texas, did you hear that?  Where they killed my brother!   Don’t you dare criticize me.  Texas. 

For others, their “ranch for kids with cancer” is racial discrimination and Jim Crow Laws, or the subordination of women, or the Holocaust.  (Michael Weiner thinks he can do no wrong, because of what those Gentiles did to “my people.” )  For Senator Kennedy it is “Down in Texas.”  Did you get that, Texas.  A touch stone.  A shield against all criticism or even, one suspects, self examination.  And also a pedestal onto which to mount ones suffering to the exaltation of the adoring and sympathetic public.  I suppose ones military service could become ones “ranch for kids with cancer.”  Self righteousness and ego might cause one to equate “draft dodgers in Canada” with those who serve in the National Guard.   One might do that if ones ego and self righteousness got the better of ones judgment.  Do you agree Senator Kerry?  Or have you already flipped flopped out of that?)

Senator John Flip Flop Kerry knows what Imus has done.  Knows about the oppression of this author, the burglary, Senator Dodd’s involvement,  about all the rest as well.  He just does not care.  Or rather, he thinks that his ‘good works,’ what ever they may be when he is president, will offset the wrongs he must do on the way.  The widows that Kennedy has lied to, have been lied to for a good cause: the election of Flip Flop.

When John McLaughlin tossed Mylroie’s book aside calling it “junk” he wasn’t really talking about Mylroie.  (see Who Killed Duane Garrett Part II)  He was talking about this web site’s author.  Why ‘junk?’  Because I do not belong to the same social set as McLaughlin and his charming wife.  He was saying that I was junk. 

The viewers might have thought he was making a serious point about war, and life.  A young widow in the audience watching, (yes, Imus), watching in their, (now her), trailer, watching and trying to understand: ‘why? Why did this happen?’  She might have thought McLaughlin was really talking about Mylroie’s book.  But then she is a low life, white trash, . . . help me out Imus, what?  Red neck.  What else would you say?

This is why Imus spoke approvingly of McLaughlin.  A wink from one rich man of power to another.  Does McLaughlin have a “ranch for kids with cancer” or its equivalent?  Perhaps he doesn’t need it.  Perhaps his conscience is under control.  After all he hasn’t bitten any flight attendants . . . recently.   I suspect that his wealth and power alone are enough to sustain his ego and self righteousness.  

Senator Flip Flop Kerry should go on Imus’ show.  Flip Flop you are in your element.  You are a man of your times.  And they will all be watching:  Christopher Matthews, Jim Lehrer, Rosie Allen, the Swansons, Ron Owens, Michael Weiner,  all of them empty shells of people, without scruple, . . . dust.  Corruption within corruption.  

I could not understand why Bill O’Reilly  would do an on air promotion for Michael Weiner after this web site had published several articles about what he has been doing all of these years, (see How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One and  Intel. Operations), including one that O’Reilly’s coworker, Sean Hannity, had commented on.  (see 45 Minutes and the Distortion of History)  If Hannity knew then it is a safe bet that O’Reilly also knew.  Indeed O’Reilly made several references to 45 Minutes on his own show.   He didn’t have to do a promo for the guy.  Did Weiner’s favorable review of the Gibson film have anything to do with it?  Bill, I thought you were looking out for me?

And the film?   The crucifixion of Jesus Christ.   Another ultimate self justification?  A touch stone?   A shield for the ego?  Oh, yes.  Another “ranch for kids with cancer.” Vanity sanctified.  Corruption within corruption. 

Yes, of course, Senator Flip Flop, will be on Imus’ air.  Of course. 

--------The Colonial Motel Suspect

You wouldn't know a bioweapons program. . .
. . . if you stumbled over it.

Handbill for internet protest of:  04-07-04
John Flip Flop Kerry a “national leader?”  I think not. 

Would a  national leader condone burglaries?  12 years of harassment of the poor by the rich?  The corruption of our national life?  Moral leadership is a requirement for the job you seek    Mr. Flip Flop.

But then Kerry has never been a leader.  He has been a committeeman.  Just another member of the committee of a hundred:  The Senate.  A Senate that represents more acres of corn than citizens of  Californian.  A Senate that represents more head of cattle than citizens on New York.  Marin County has two Senators; Montana, Wyoming, all well represented. But where are our United States Senators?  Who will represents our Nation? 

Senator Flip Flop Kerry will no more take responsibility for his party’s leadership than he has for anything else during his life in the Senate.  The Senate allowed itself to be attacked a second time by a bio-weapon, in exactly the same way it had been attacked the first time.   The Senate has shown itself incompetent to protect even itself, A SECOND TIME!

Does Senator Flip Flop accept responsibility?  Why no.  He is just one of a hundred.  (Which is why our Army is commanded by the Executive, not by a committee.)  If Senator Kennedy uses the word “fraud,”  Senator Flip Flop has no responsibility to respond.  Being a Senator means never having to take responsibility. 

Handbill for internet protest of:  04-06-04


No Senator Flip Flop on Imus on Friday, 04-02-04.

No Senator Flip Flop on Imus on Monday, 04-05-04.

No Senator Flip Flop on Imus on Tuesday, 04-06-04.

No Senator Flip Flop on Imus on Wednesday, 04-07-04.

Did Senator John Flip Flop Kerry flip flop on his pal?

Perhaps Senator Flip Flop does not agree with Imus harassing me at State Farm in 1998, or Imus following me to GAB Robins in 2003 and using his influence with the owners to harass me there.  (see PSY OPS)

Not presidential?  Is that it Senator Flip Flop?  Are you too good for the likes of Don Imus?   Now that you want to be a "national leader" and he has been exposed for the degenerate that he is ? (see Who Killed Duane Garrett Part II )

But then does Senator Flip Flop disassociate himself from Senator Kennedy’s remarks?

If Flip Flop disassociates himself from Imus, shouldn’t the Senator also disassociate himself from Senator Kennedy’s remarks? Or does Flip Flop agree with Kennedy?  And if with Kennedy why not Imus?

Senator Flip Flop, did you ever finally have to decide?  Pick one and let the other one slide?

(And, what got Senator Kennedy started on this Vi-et-nam thing? )  (see The Army Navy Club )


Handbill for internet protest of:  04-04-04


Mat Drudge, . . . .did you see that?  John Flip Flop Kerry flip flopped on Don Imus on 4-2-04.  They booked on the show, then at the last minute canceled claiming that the 45 minute outpatient procedure on his shoulder the day before prevented his appearance.  Do you believe that, or this:  I publish Who Killed Duane Garrett Part II on 4-1-04 and John Flip Flop Kerry flip flopped 24 hours later.  What do you think?  It is like we are playing cat and mouse on the internet.  Will Flip Flop  come out of his hole on Monday?  Perhaps he can come on Imus with his friend Senator Dodd.  Flip flop, the whole world is watching. Glenn Beck did you see that?

Counselor:  What has he got to do with this?

Oh, nothing, he just doesn’t like being left out of things.  The whole world is watching.  The whole world is watching. The whole world is watching.

Suggestion Number One:   The F.B.I. should visit the San Rafael Police and find out what they know about the burglary of the Colonial Motel. 

Suggestion Number Two:  Then the Sergeant of Arms of the United States Senate should be contacted and asked to investigate which Senators received the stolen notebook.

The whole world is watching.  The whole world is watching. The whole world is watching. The whole world is watching.  The whole world is watching. The whole world is watching. The whole world is watching.  The whole world is watching. The whole world is watching. . . .