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1- Weber and Ludwig von Mises
2-Army Navy Club
3-News to Change You
4-Technical Corrections
5- "Wrong"
6-Clones, 2nd ed.
7-The Biology of Cognition
8-Bio War News
9-Bell Curve Papers
10-Abortion and Crime
11- Anthrax by Ross_Getman
12- Demon in the Freezer
13- Bioweaponeers
14- Water
15 - MILK
16 - Neglected Home Front
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Spring 2004:
History of Science:

New Ruskin College lecturer Professor Lawrence M. Principe leads you through a careful consideration of science's origins and its evolution to the time of the Scientific Revolution. Understand what science really is, how it developed, and how it works. Learn who pursued science, and why. From the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, to Roman and Islamic contributions, through the Renaissance to the laws of Isaac Newton, you will share a fascinating journey with Professor Principe, whose ability to synthesize material covering thousands of years into an enjoyable and succinct format is invaluable.

New Ruskin College lecturer Professor Frederick Gregory of the University of Florida presents a complex mix of social factors and scientific knowledge in 36 clear and insightful lectures. This series, organized around six main thematic areas, will help you gain an overall picture of science in its historical context and will offer you a provocative and nuanced look into an era of excitement and exploration, as scientific thought changed and adapted to accommodate a radically changing world.
Tuition:  10,000 British Pounds each

Risk Opportunity


Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Non-Scientists

New Ruskin College lecturer Professor Richard Wolfson teaches the awe-inspiring—and even, at times, mind-bending—concepts of modern physics in ways that anyone interested in learning can readily master.

With scientists perhaps on the verge of unlocking the deepest secrets of the universe and with breaking news of discovery after discovery, an understanding of this fascinating subject has never been so important.

Now you can learn the basic ideas behind the theory of relativity and quantum physics from 24 lectures that require no special background in math or science.

On his own Middlebury College campus, Professor Wolfson is a teaching legend, and to watch him share his love for his subject and his excitement over sharing it with you, is to be reminded of why you love learning in the first place. Professor Wolfson knows how to engage his students, as well as synthesize and communicate difficult concepts in a way that fosters real learning. He is the author of an introductory text on physics, a contributor to the esteemed journal Scientific American, and considers it his specialty to interpret science for the nonspecialist.
Tuition                15,000 British Pounds


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