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The CENCAL letters (Cencal Insurance Services 800-999-0107)   to Pete McCloskey are thought to have been stolen from the printer memory (see also Intel Operations and Psy. Ops.).  The network printer stores the item to be printed on network memory, a server. This memory ‘spool’ used to be cycled quickly, but now with memory so cheap, it can be stored indefinitely and then can be  accessed and the document downloaded by the system administrator.   (Given the high volume of traffic the recovery of these items from the printer’s memory spool can not have been chance.)  If you have information on the theft of the first draft please contact Plinio Designori @ New Ruskin College . com. 
Permission has been given for a public showing of the last CENCAL letter, by order of  the Ludi Magistor.

July 2, 2002


Pete McCloskey

Wagstaffe & Wagstaffe

399 Bradford St. #102

Redwood City, Ca. 94063‑1584                                  VIA FAX 1‑650‑366‑5043

                                                                                     [  Deletion  ]

                                                                                     [  Deletion  ]dale Ave.

                                                                                   Mill Valley, Ca. 94941

                                                                                   415‑[  Deletion  ]

Dear Mr. McCloskey:

I of course realize how strange my description of my situation may seem to you.

Perhaps a few additional words by way of explanation would be helpful.

My reference to my current "tormentor," Mrs. Jack Swanson, for example, can be clarified. Mrs. Swanson, the wife of the station manager of KGO and KSFO, is a mentally disturbed person suffering from obsessive compulsive disorders. She is the subject of an autobiography which was made into a recent movie. In her autobiography she relates how she became obsessed with poker. She would go out all night playing poker with the guys. That is every night. She had over $50,000 in gambling debts, at least the debts she admits to. She claims she paid off her gambling debts with the money she was paid for the screen play.

But poker is only one of her compulsions. I have become the focus of this demented woman in recent months. Why I can not say.

After Michael Savage, and his "helpers," (I suspect his helpers were ADL operatives), broke into my rooms an stole by note books, and started reading the notebooks on his radio show, I wrote a letter in which I complained about the Disney Company management, and Jack Swanson in particular.

I complained that they should let this lunatic, this felon, this fascist on the air. I complained that if Disney left this burglar on the air, this thief, liar, and coward, (all of which are true descriptions), on the air, then Disney management, and Jack Swanson, would be complicit. Complicit in the burglary, yes. But also complicity in the continuing invasion of privacy, the intentional infliction of emotional stress, etc. etc.

 Apparently, Mrs. Jack Swanson, has had one of the little gears in her head get locked in place. Around and around it spins caught in the groove of P[  Deletion  ].


The way it works is that someone, Michael Savage's helpers, or any of a number of hundreds of Marin County politicos sees me say wearing a fleece vest for example. Mrs. Jack Swanson is told about it and when she is next on the radio makes a comment about "us all wearing our fleece vests."

Perhaps, Officer Vic, her radio co‑host misunderstands and, as he did, thinks the reference is sheep, and he is told "no that's not what I meant."

The key for Mrs. Swanson is to get the "news" about me quickly so she can include it in her next broadcast. If I buy a treatment for athletes foot, for example, she has to make he reference to "we all have mold on our feet," right away. Her challenge, her compulsion, is to do it right away. As I said, she is a neurotic.

I realize that this is probably as exhausting for you to read as it is for me to write. By itself, you may think that it is hardly worthy of note, let alone legal action. But this is just the beginning.

What you don't yet know about is the years of this harassment. The destruction of home, of work, of everything in your life. Of the loss of jobs, you may have some understanding. But do you know what it is like to loose your job and then to listen on the radio as you drive home as the radio personality makes his sly witticisms? Do you know what it is like?

After my notebooks were stolen Bryan Wilson, went on the radio with Mrs. Jack Swanson and started making references to what I had written. (Bryan Wilson, another radio personality, sued his own counselor for mental abuse, intentional infliction of emotional stress, etc., and yet as soon as he, Bryan Wilson, had the opportunity, he turned around and began harassing me, intentionally inflicting emotional distress on me.) I tell you Mr. McCloskey it is enough to sour a man on the human race.

And not just our local princes. Senator Dodd, appearing on the Don Imus radio show, shortly after the theft of my notebooks could not help himself. He too had to put in his little quip. He had to let Don know that he was up on the latest!

 I am surrounded by hateful people. But what I want to know is, do I stand alone?

Ve[  Deletion  ]

[  Deletion  ]edale Ave. [Deletion]

Mill Valley, Ca. 94941

415‑[  Deletion  ]


July 3, 2002

Pete McCloskey

Wagstaffe & Wagstaffe

399 Bradford St. #102

Redwood City, Ca. 94063-1584    VIA FAX 1-650-366-5043

[ Deletion ]

[ Deletion ] dale Ave. [ Deletion ]

Mill Valley, Ca. 94941

415-[ Deletion ]

"We cannot sit huddled within our borders," Theodore Roosevelt said, " and avow ourselves merely an assemblage of well-to-do hucksters who care nothing for what happens beyond."

Dear Mr. McCloskey:

After reading my last two letters I am sure you are wondering in bewilderment.

Me too.

The attitude of my tormenters is, `We are rich and powerful, and you are not.'

Behind Enron, Arthur Anderson, World Com., there is this: The rules don't apply to- us- _-- the- -rich: Inside- their-gated--communities, inside- their universities; -the great corporations (e.g.Disney), including the tax free foundations, Ford, Rockefeller, and also P.B.S., in the world of privileged places, like Marin County; the Mrs. Jack Swansons, the Michael Krasneys, the Ron Owens' ($600,000, he wants his listeners to know, and also know this: he does not pay the full 10% to his agent either!), the Michael Weiners, (AKA Michael Savage), all of whom live in Marin County, there is this ethic: We are above your rules. Well-to-do hucksters.

They want to live in a country with twin 110 story buildings, jet air liners, great corporations, they love their privileged positions -------- but as for the discipline such a society requires, for discipline of any kind, they have no use. (In stupid astonishment they ask: Why do they hate us?) They who care nothing for what happens beyond

"We are more powerful than Senators," is the boast of the well-to-do hucksters.

So when the staff at KQED learned that  Yvone [ Deletion ] was our marriage counselor of course the opportunity to have us, Marlene and me, brought to their studios almost suggested itself. Then when Michael Krasney, a KQED radio show host, years later (May 2000), learned that I was working at AAA he arranged with Rose Gilboet, Vice President of Public Affairs at AAA, (and former wife of Dean Edel, and KQED Woman of the Year, (2000)), to have me take a call from him.

Imagine Michael Krasney, the "professor," the KQED talk show host, resident of Corte Madera, Marin County, sitting on the phone, waiting to speak with me. Waiting through the calls for his turn, hanging patiently on the phone... why, for what? Just to let me know THAT HE IS POWERFUL. And also to make sure that I knew that it was he; HE was the reason I was being laid off at AAA. "See ME!" he wanted to show me, "I'm more powerful than a Senator, I can get Rose to lay you off, . . . you... NAZI bastard. I Michael Krasney, am powerful."

 Very Truly Yours;

[ Deletion ]

[ Deletion ]dale Ave. #[ Deletion ] Mill Valley, Ca. 94941

415‑[ Deletion ]

July 9, 2002

Pete McCloskey

Wagstaffe & Wagstaffe

399 Bradford St. #102

Redwood City, Ca. 94063‑1584                   VIA FAX 1‑650‑366‑5043

                                                           Peter [DELEATION]

                                                           [DELETION]Ave. [DELETION] deletion

                                                            Mill Valley, Ca. 94941



                                                                                                                                                                                                             "Grasping at twigs"  ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑Dwayne Garrett,(three days before he died.)

Who now remembers Mrs. and Ms. Garrett's tears?

Believe me I am trying to make since out of all this. But you must remember that part of what they have done, are doing, even now, is to try to make me think that I am . . . that I am..

The Counselor: Well go on, yes.. go ahead...

Yvonne what are you doing here this is a private letter to my attorney, you shouldn't be here.

The Counselor: Oh, yes, that, I've heard all about it. So you are suing me again?

Ah, well, I . . . Mr. McCloskey let me introduce my Counselor, Yvonne [DELETION]. Yvonne, Mr. Pete McCloskey, my, . . . well he hasn't yet said if he will take the . . . ah. . . the thing. . .

The Counselor: Mr. McCloskey, I think you should know. . .

All right that will be enough. If you must be here please sit down and listen. You are so good at listening.

"It is the courtesan's art, ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ listening."‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ Ariana Huffington

You see three days before Dwayne Garrett jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, or was he pushed off. . .

The Counselor: Now, Peter, let us not let your …..

We don't know. The old Roman question is, Qui Bono? How many of the calls to his show were planted? "Ah , yes thanks for taking my call, I wanted to ask about fraud in the . . . sports memorabilia business..." What else was done to him? We do not know.

Any way three days before I went to see Yvonne; I had just returned from Texas; I bought with me a photo of a Magnolia just as it bloomed. I wanted to preserve the moment, it was twilight, I was still working Cats back then, (the IRS had not yet blown my cover, I was still able to work). Any way I wanted to preserve this moment of insight, that's what Yvonne calls it, "insight meditation," well what to do? How does one express the inexpressible? I looked down and there was this twig from the tree. The Magnolia. I reached down and picked it up.

The Counselor: And . . .?

And I brought it back and gave the photo and the twig to Yvonne, and tried to explain . . . just before Garrett went on the air and said, "Grasping at twigs." The expression is grasping at straws. Not twigs.

The Counselor: Did you? I don't recall. What did you explain? Tell me again?

I saw her once after he died. I never went back to see her again.

Very Truly Yours;



Mill Valley, Ca. 94941


How many of the Fishermen of Maine were confronted in their tax audits with information they had given to their insurance adjusters? How many of the business making claims for business interruption for the WTC will see that claims information coming back at them? The IRS better dealed me. They can get more information from the firms than from one adjuster. Let's see you say something funny about that Senator Dodd.

Credentialed Scholars will be allowed to view these documents on alternate Tuesdays  on even numbered months by permission of the Ludi Magistor.

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