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Yvonne was recently contacted after the incident involving Scott Bobro at Farmers Insurance, (see Psy Ops:  ( He said  talking to his brother in law, shortly after attacking me,  “Now he probably thinks I work for the J.D.L.”  (Interestingly enough two J.D.L. operatives were arrested in L.A. a few days later for the attempted bombing of a Mosque.)))    Yvonne was asked if she still had the original letters.  She said she did, saying,  “I have . . .   files.” (emphasis in the original.)

Counselor:  You are calling them ‘love letters?’  You are kidding, right?

Yvonne, please not now,  anyway we are just doing an inventory.  New Ruskin College has copies of these,  ah,   letters.

My father also was a gold medalist . . .
. . . .at the '36 games.

Who am I trying to please?


Who am I trying to please?  First there is my wife and her simple Hungarian heart, my brother who wants to turn the world upside down, my father who wants it to stay just the way it is, then there are our grandfather rabbis and their blessed Torah, ---- Roman Law; Government Ministers, my colleagues on the Central Court, the Emperor; these are the people I am trying to please.  ----- Sunshine


She places her palms on his chest --- a pause, a recognition of the difficulty. A moment in time. 

Letter No. One:



My father also was a gold medalist at the ’36 games.


Dear Yvonne;


My sister can do no more --- she has done her worst.


My father can no longer be lied to.  She can no longer tell him his son must be insane to think people on the radio are attacking him.


It is a relief.  I have been tormented thinking what to do?  What to do?  What to say?


“This is why I recount my sorrows to a stone.”  ----- Titus


My father’s Captain was killed at Normandy, (and a half dozen officers and crew).  An 11 inch round hit the bridge.  I imagine the German gunners cheering at the sight of the puff of black smoke.  (A direct hit!)


My father was a rescuer.   


“I pray thee, spare my life as my father spared thy life. . .”  ---- Titus







Dear Yvonne,  The Love Letters

Letter Number Two:


“Banished! Oh, Happy man! They have befriended Thee.  Why foolish Lucius, dost thou not perceive that Rome is but a wilderness of Tigers?”------ Titus


Dear Yvonne;


I found a child’s ball at my door.  I recalled your anger when I asked,  “Why shouldn’t I take it home?  Its my ball.”  First I was surprised then grateful.  That anger at least might be genuine.


What do you think now as you watch the poison you poured into my life so many years ago as it courses its way through my life, choking and ruining as it goes?  (A KQED bitch linked “shameless” from my notebook.”)  [(See Psy Ops One)]


“Tigers must prey and Rome affords no other prey but me and mine.” ---- Titus


Ron Owens and Michael Saturnine did not target me on their own.  They followed you lead.  They learnt which buttons to push from you.


Client:  “ If I get ripped off,  it proves . . . “


“For now I stand as one upon a rock, environ’d with a wilderness of sea, who marks the waxing tide grow wave by wave.”  ----- Titus


I was just crawling out of a chasm of despair over my father’s refusal to see me. (Why didn’t you talk to my sister when she called?)


“My lord you are unjust, and more than so, in wrongful quarrel you have slain your youngest son.” ------ Titus


All of  ’98 is lost to me.  I was slain.  But in the spring of ’99 I crawled, with some unnatural strength, up to the edge of despair.  Holding on by my fingers I was almost free when Owens came stamping on my hands.  I fought with this depression for all of ’99, then, as my father laid dead, Saturnine, that coward, that liar, stole my notebook and started taunting me.



[The references to Ron Owens are about his involvement in an incident at the health club I used to go to.  I was assaulted by a homosexual just one day after Michael Weiner, during a broadcast, spoke of following me to the club and looking in from the window.  Then the next day Ron Owens used his show to  joke about how to handle a homosexual in a locker room.  (Also see Intel Operations)  Then when I was working at Access Owens started talking about how the children’s clothing designer at Gymboree had had me fired.  She had insisted that a package, a nearly empty brown paper bag, of clothing samples, be delivered to her at a bar, at 7pm.  I waited for an hour and called several times to the office to confirm that I should wait.  (We were not paid by the hour.  They insisted that she would be their and I should wait.)   This was unusual enough.  She finally showed.  Then the very next morning I was called into the office.  There had been a complaint form her.  She complained that I was in need of a bath.  Inspecting me my employer was satisfied with my grooming.  I had just bathed not an hour before. Apparently in an effort to get back into her good graces or perhaps at her request I was then again tasked to her office each of the next two mornings.  She refused to sign the paper work and finally her subordinates signed for her.  The last time they expressed perplexity at her conduct  even asking her why she would not sign the paper work.  I was none the less fired the next day.  Why?  More to the point why did Ron Owens appear to be familiar with the entire story making repeated references over those same several days?  He spoke of "B. O." and people who "need to take a bath."     As of this writing no one has come forward to explain the connection between Gymboree and Ron Owens. ]


“My hand cut off and made a merry jest.”------ Titus


Lord, deliver us from this pitiless race ---- a prayer from the Babylon exile.


---------- The Colonial Motel Suspect


ps  Et tu Senator Dodd?






Photo Credit: Ron Kimball

Dear Yvonne,  The Love letters :

Letter Number Three:




“When did the tiger’s young ones teach the dam? ------ Titus


Dear Yvonne;


Thank you for delivering my letter.  Jack Swanson and Ken Berry have by their silence and inaction given their approval to Michael Saturnine’s felonies.  The management of KGO-KSFO  has chosen misprision of felony.


It astounds me that “reporters,” producers of “news” have all joined in the cover up, the break in the theft of my papers.  They seem not to care that they now work for a criminal enterprise.


The San Rafael Police continue to call me the “Colonial Motel Suspect.”   The victim a “suspect”?  Yes!  And criminals engaged in a cover up are called reporters and “news” producers!


My father had just died, (his body still awaited burial), when they broke into my room.  Michael Saturnine boasted and read whole paragraphs from my papers on the air.  No period of mourning for me.


Why did he do it?  Many times he has described his phobia that somewhere in San Rafael there is a fire place which, (when a handle is turned), spins around to reveal a  shrine to Adolph Hitler.  He is mad.  White shirts are, for him proto-SS uniforms.  The invocation of Christ in prayer is “bigotry.”  His hate has made him mad.


[Note to Dr. Dean Edell:  You may also object to the invocation of Christ in prayers, especially those during public, governmental, ceremonies.  But bigotry?  Would you say bigotry?    In any case the prayers Michael Weiner was objecting to were at a private ceremony.  And even more to the point many callers called in to say that they agreed with him.  Do you have that in your mind?  They agreed with him.  And he still shouted them down calling them “bigots” also.  They would start to say they agreed and he would shout them down shouting “bigots, bigots, bigots.”  Out of his mind.  (But of course we have to be sympathetic because we know how difficult it is to be a Jew in America.  A constant trial.)  Dr. Edel what would you say if our Lord Buddha were to be invoked in a public prayer?  Not the same sense of outrage?  Why?  Could it be a sign of prejudice? Against Christians?  And why do you suppose that is Dr. Edell?  And you a man of science?  And all these years you have known about what has been going on and yet you have done nothing?  Why do you suppose that is?  Dr. Dean Edell? ]


Three days before his son was defeated (for election to State Assembly) swastikas were painted on his campaign posters.  This was front page ‘news.  Did reporters know that Saturnine did it?  And covered that up?  Also?


--------------  The Colonial Motel Suspect


“Oh, Lord deliver us from this pitiless race.”









Dear Yvonne, The Love Letters:

Letter Number four:



Dear Yvonne;


Introibo ad altare Dei.


I will go up to God’s alter. 


This is how Joyce begins Ulysses.


And you respond?  Ad deum qui laetificat juventutem meam. 


I suppose Ron Owens objects to my quoting a Hebrew prayer even if in Latin.


“Oh, cruel irreligious piety.”   -------  Titus


It seems I am set upon from all corners.  On the plus side I have a job.  An employer called me up out of the blue.  Coincidence?  He lives also in Marin.  Coincidence?  Then a fellow employee, Doug Derry, asked if I knew abut Michael Savage?  Coincidence?  Then Doug Derry says that when he was in college (20 years ago)  all three of his roommates were Jews!


“So,” Doug Derry asks me,  “I wonder what that makes me?”  (An ass, I thought.)


How did I get this reputation of being anti Jewish?  Coincidence? 


“When will we say enough is enough?” ----- Gene Burns, KGO radio


Did you hear what Pat Buchanan said about the ADL?  “Out there in San Francisco. . .(?) . . . collecting information on people . . .”?   Was he referring to the theft of my notebook or to the ADL’s 10,000 files (on Northern Californians) and the corruption of the police?  Coincidence?


The San Rafael Police were in on it. (The burglary of the Colonial Motel and the theft of the stolen notebook.) 


Michael Savage’s claims of innocence would have been more convincing if he hadn’t had a mental collapse.  He went off the air for a week.  Barbara Simpson, noting that the vial little man in house slippers wasn’t working, said that “At least I’m still on the air . . . But then I haven’t committed any felonies.”    (Bernie) Ward on the other hand “loved it” when conservatives go after each other.  And that is liberal compassion for you.  What should we think of Savages’s explanation for why Ward is no longer a Priest?


“You better get some ice for that.”  ------ Billy Clinton


Lord.  Deliver us from this pitiless race.


------------  The  Colonial Motel Suspect





Dear Yvonne, The Love Letters

Letter Number five:


Dear Yvonne;


----- “When will we say enough is enough?”  

-------------Gene Burns, KGO radio


----- “Well . . . I don’t want to get shot.”

--------------Rosey Allen


(Oh Rosey!  And think just 5 days before Cynthia died.)


The Goddess of Justice has left the planet. ---- Titus


Small world?  (Hello Ted and Jim.) [Ted Wygant and Jim Dunbar.  See Intel Operations for more information.] Your client (?) Michael Saturnine is a thief, a coward, a liar.  He was the one who organized the break in into my hotel room. [(At the Colonial Motel.)] (The ADL does B&Es [(Breaking and Entering)] doesn’t it?)


He stole my notebook.  Have you also read my papers?  You going to cover up for him too?


Have you listened to his show “The Saturnine Nation?”  He is a complete fascist --- a complete liar.  He has betrayed you too.  Do you know what he says about sex and the “Naropa Institute girls?” (Did you really do a 100 guys?)  [Referencing one of Michael Weiner’s rants.  How does that sound to you if he talked about Catholics instead of Buddhists?  Or Jews?)]


He has betrayed his own son:


“Caller:  How is Russ?


Saturnine:  He’s fine . . . he’s down in Mazitland . . . with ‘his’ friends.


Caller:  Decompressing?


Saturnine:  Well I hope he is compressing some bodies.”


He “hopes” he is “compressing.”  He hopes his son is fucking.  Who?  A whore?  Tell me Yvonne, among your father’s people, is that Kosher? 


For all Michael Saturnine knows his son Russ is taking it up the . . . (this is how he thinks).  Some father.


Recently he screamed that a caller was so stupid,  “You couldn’t even punch up a travel ticket.”   Some father.  [(Michael Weiner’s son, Russ, was a travel agent.)]


Every day that Michael Eisner keeps Michael Saturnine on the air is another day he supports his lies, his cowardice, his burglary.  If Eisner covers up at least he can claim it is to protect the company but tell me Yvonne why do you cover up for Saturnine?


[Note:  Suspicion fell on Yvonne because Michael Weiner was not only quoting from the stolen notebook but also from things I had said to Yvonne only.  For example, after Duane Garrett died I saw Yvonne one last time and told her that I regretted that I had fallen asleep during Garrett’s last show.  That I often fell asleep because I have to get up early.  Weiner shortly after words used this line saying “you will not fall asleep during my show,” while making references to the stolen note book and other facts.  For example in addition to knowing about the Naropa Institute, he also knew where Yvonne had coffee every morning, that she regularly met with a large group of regulars, that she practiced Theravada  Buddhism, that  she came from Pittsburg, studied at Yale, that I was a client of hers, etc.,  etc..  Later several other possibilities seemed more plausible.  Weiner seems to draw on an extensive intelligence network and appears to have the capability of electronic eavesdropping.  (Yvonne, for her part made no effort to secure her office, failing even to lock it.)]


--------  The Colonial Motel Suspect


ps  Does Owens know what an ass he is?  A $100,000 hypocrite!  Bye Jim, Bye Ted.


[Note:  The reference to $100,000 is a reference a fund raising drive for a reward that Ron Owens did on his show.  A man, during a traffic dispute, pulled a small dog from a woman’s car and threw it into traffic killing the animal.  The man was eventually identified.  I do not know what happened to the money.  It seemed hypocritical for Owens to show such loving interest in the discovery of dog killer while he and his fellows at KGO participated in the cover up of the burglary.]






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