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From:  <
Reply To:
To:  FCC
Subject:    Misuse of Broadcast Licenses
Date:  Tue, 26 July 2005 09:56:55 -0400
CC:  <senate white house
Date:  07-26-05



F. C. C.
Washington, DC 20003



Plinio Designori

New Ruskin College .com




KQED, KGO, KSFO, KCBS, KNEW, ABC Network, PBS, Viacom, Michael Weiner aka Savage,  Don Imus, Ron Owens, Mrs. Jack Swanson, and Michael Krasney


"I would encourage the FCC to take a very hard look at whether something that is this pervasive, something that is so corrosive to the integrity of the market place should not merely be investigated and pursued, but whether some of these stations deserve to have their licenses stripped," said Spitzer at the downtown Manhattan press conference trumpeting the settlement. "They know what the law is and they have been disregarding it willfully and pervasively."

The FCC appears to be paying close attention.

 ---- Billboard Radio Monitor   (


I have been the target of the above referenced people for the last fifteen years.  I set up a web site,, to tell my story about how these rich powerful people have used their power, including their radio broadcasts,  to oppress me over these years.


I came to their attention after conducting a letter writing campaign to the U. S. Senate about the importance of laser disks, computer aided instruction, in education.  Out of envy or spite these  people then began a program of harassment against me including using their radio broadcasts to let me know how they had interfered with my employment, or had me followed, etc..  Please visit my web site for the details.


I had hoped that those who have knowledge about what has been done to me would come forward and give evidence.  No one ever came forward.


They have ruined me and driven me to my death.  In a few days I will kill myself in front of the KQED building to protest them.


I ask that the FCC take away their broadcast licenses for their use of their broadcasts to harasse and oppress me. 





From:  <
Reply To:
To:  Council on American Islamic Relations
Subject:   Information about Hate Radio
Date:  Tue, 26 July 2005 09:26:55 -0400
CC:  <senate


Date:  07-26-05



Council on American-Islamic Relations
453 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.
Washington, DC 20003




Plinio Designori

New Ruskin College .com




KSFO radio station San Francisco, Michael Weiner aka Savage, and Don Imus


I have been listening to the above condemn Islam for violence even as they advocate nuclear genocide and “bombing them back into the stone age.”


To say that they are hypocrites is an understatement.  Yesterday Michael Weiner advocated “random acts of terror” against Islamic nations.  He said we should destroy whole ports, anonymously, i.e. without taking responsibility.  Then not a minute latter he condemned someone else for suggesting that a terror attack might have been conducted by some state anonymously, i.e. exactly as he had himself just advocated!


But this is nothing new, they all have repeatedly advocated wholesale slaughter, genocide.  As you know already they are vicious horrible people. 


I have had my own problems with these people over the last fifteen years.  I set up a web site,, to tell my story about how these rich powerful people have oppressed me over these years.


I thought you might be interested in learning how they have oppressed me.  Basically I came to their attention after conducting a letter writing campaign to the U. S. Senate about the importance of laser disks, computer aided instruction, in education.  Out of envy or spite these very same people who are defaming you,  then began a program of harassment against me.  Please visit my web site for the details.


They have ruined me and driven me to my death.  I hope the information at the web site will help you.  I wish you the best of luck.



From:  <
Reply To:
To:  Dr. Howard Allen Pearson
Subject:   Information about Don Imu
Date:  Mon, 11 July 2005 18:26:55 -0400
CC:  <senate

Date:  07-11-05


To:    Dr. Howard Allen Pearson

          Professor Emeritus Pediatrics

          Yale University   



From:  Plinio Designori, Magistor




Re.   Imus Watch:  07-11-05


Dear Dr. Howard Allen Pearson;


You do not know me but for a number of years I have been targeted by Don Imus.  Whenever I read how Don
Imus has hurt someone else I write to them and offer what information I have about Don Imus in the hopes that his other victims will benefit from knowledge about my experience.


Therefore, I invite you to visit my web site, , where I have described how Imus has harassed and oppressed me for these many years.   


My troubles began when I inadvertently came to the attention of Don Imus and a number of other figures in the mass media.  Starting in 1988 I wrote some letters to the U. S. Senate about the importance of technology in education.  (These letters are available for review at my web site just follow the links to the Math Project Archives and the New Ruskin College Project Archives which are located in the Moynihan Memorial Library 


My letter writing campaign was a success only in the sense that I did manage to attract public notice.  Unfortunately not for or in the way I had intended.  Rather than focusing on the use of laser disk technology in education many people, including Don Imus, focused their attention on me.  On me as an individual.


I will not here bore you with the details but is suffices to say that over the following fifteen years, even though I stopped my letter writing campaign, years ago, these people, including Don Imus, have followed me from place to place, job to job, harassing me, oppressing me, in short they have driven me to ruin and despair.


In 2003 I set up my web site in the hopes that they would leave me alone.  They have not. 


My hope was that by making their actions public people would come forward and testify against them.  No one ever came forward.  I am all alone.


I wish you good luck with your law suit against Don Imus.  


From:  <
Reply To:
To:  Senator Voinovich
Subject:   Death at KQED
Date:  Sat, 09 July 2005 10:16:35 -0400
CC:  <senate

Date:  07-08-05


To:  Senator Voinovich                                    

        U. S. Senate

        Washington, D.C.            


Note:    This is your copy.

            Please send Senator Voinovich

a copy his email is not working.


From:  Plinio Designori                                     




Subject:  I protest Voinovichism



“I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.”

---  Senator Hatch, on the Don Imus radio show.


Dear Senator Voinovich;


Mr. Bolton has given years of his life to the service of this country.  Have you ever asked yourself why he spent his time in public service?   Do you think he was in it for the money?  Do you not think he has made sacrifices for  this country?


Why did he spend so much time for us?  Do you suppose it was for a bigger bank account?  A bigger home?  How many minutes of YOUR time did you spare him?


After hearing how he “chased” a woman through the lobby of a Moscow hotel you said, “I have heard enough.”  That was twenty minutes of histrionics by Senator Dodd, (who received more contributions from accountants than any other member of the Congress), and you said you had heard enough.


One question.  Why did he have to “chase.”  Why didn’t the woman, the USAID bureaucrat, stand and talk to Mr. Bolton, as we say ‘man to man?’


Why indeed was he reduced to putting notes under the door of her hotel room?  And note that this, just putting written notes under her door, this has been cited as another “offense.”


How about this:  Because the woman was a VICTIM.   VICTIMS are not expected to stand and answer questions, make arguments, defend their reasons and positions.  Why even to expect them to is itself just another imposition and domination.   


And further, because the Democrats know that they can count on Voinovich to see her as the VICTIM, they used it to destroy the career of a man who has faithfully served his country for these many years. 


The fact that the woman VICTIM is herself a Democrat operative, founder of Housewives  against Bush, (note: not FOR Kerry), does in no way diminish her standing as a VICTIM.  For it is the controversy itself, the mere fact that she alleges being “chased” (because she would not stand and talk, man to man), the mere fact of controversy, is enough to sink Mr. Bolton’s career.


This is Voinovichism.


For the longest time for over a decade I held on to hope that as more people learned about what Michael Weiner and Don Imus and Mrs. Jack Swanson and Ron Owens and Michael Krasney and Sedge Thomson had done to me, were doing to me, are still doing, I held on to hope that finally, some day justice would be done. 


But I did not know how many adherents you had, how powerful your philosophy had become. Had I known I would never have written a word but shot myself straight away.


In a few days I will protest Voinovichism, in front of the KQED building in San Francisco.  I will sit on the sidewalk, wait ten minutes, and kill myself by blowing the back of my scull off.


I have written you and your colleagues before.  I first wrote you and your colleagues in 1989 about laser disks in education.  At that time I was warned by the late Rob Robinson that, like Rosencrans and Guildenstern, I would be destroyed by the powerful people who control the country.  “No, this is America!” I bravely said.


Yet time has proven him right and me wrong.  Simply writing letters to the Senate has been my downfall.  I attracted the attention of those powerful people, and as was predicted, they have over the intervening fifteen years used their influence to destroy me.


Senator Hatch heard what Don Imus had done and he thought it a good joke:


“I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.”

---  Senator Hatch, on the Don Imus radio show.


I have previously reported on all of this at my web site: 


I am driven to my death, by years of harassment, and  oppression.  I could have fled my enemies, changed my name, tried to hide somewhere away from them.  But I chose to stay here amongst them.  I have deliberately spent down my savings so that I would in the end have no choice but death.  I knew that if I had had some way out I would have taken it.  I have backed myself into a corner, surrounded by my enemies, to kill myself.


Why?  I protest my enemies.   I protest your colleague Senator Hatch.  I protest you and your  Voinovichism:  pusillanimity, disloyalty, imbecility.


I wrote some letters to the Senate fifteen years ago and . . .  what? . . .  Oh,  You think I deserve what has happened to me?  I must have done something?  It must be my fault?


Don’t you see?  This is Voinovichism!


Micael Weiner followed me for years, spied on me, organized a burglary, used his influence to interfere with my employment, hectored, harassed and oppressed me ---- but according to Voinovichism, (where there is smoke there must be fire),  it must be my fault!


And Weiner, why isn’t he also a VICTIM?   


(He used to play the sound of empty box cars rolling over a siding, but tried to conceal his childish grasping at VICTIM status by talking about the forlorn sound as if it were the mighty Edinburgh Express chugging out of Waterloo.  More recently he started hysterically shouting that the  “Jews were burned  alive in the ovens during the Holocaust.”  (This being another example of Weiner’s Holocaust denial.  For he denies truth.)  And then just yesterday he has explained that only survivors of the Holocaust are entitled to use that word:  survivor.  If you are still living after a plane crash or shipwreck you are not a survivor according to Weiner.   And Voinovichism stands in perpetual accord with this and any other insanity shouted out by the VICTIM.) 


For we can not expect the VICTIM to reason, to be rational, to merely abide by the truth, to stand up ‘man to man.’  Why sure the VICTIM has to lash out at others that is to be expected.  According to Voinovichism we deserve it?  Those poor VICTIMS.  (Weiner has been agitated by my approaching death and so as expected, he has been returning to wild rants about the Holocaust as self justification for his wrong doing.)


Voinovichism is just this fear of controversy, examination, thought.  Just the fact that I and Mr. Bolton have enemies, especially VICTIM enemies, that bare fact, according to Voinovichism is itself proof and confirmation of . . . of what? . . . why, proof and confirmation of controversy itself.  In Voinovichism the VICTIM is always in the right;  that way it avoids controversy, and can roll over and not be disturbed in its bald slumbers.


Why Don Imus and Michael Weiner and the others harassed me all these years is not the point.  Voinovichism is simply the fact that  I have been targeted, there must be something wrong.  It is not simple minded, for there is no mind there, no thinking at all.  Just an empty headed shallowness. 


No?  Then why did you not contradict your committee chairman Mr. Lugar at the time?  He read his answers to all the allegations.  But you, you coward, did not dare say a word in reply.  Then too, coward, why did you not vote against Mr. Bolton then and there.  Too much of a coward to do it!  That is the reason.  And that too is Voinovichism.


In your world is there nothing that is not Voinovich?  Voinovich bank accounts.  Voinovich homes.  Voinovich children and Voinovich families.  Voinovich is hungry. Or Voinovich is sleepy.  But that Your President assigned Mr. Bolton to State which is notoriously hostile to Republicans, specifically to confront the State Department Bureaucrats in their lair, that in doing so he might create some “controversy” all of this is mysterious to you, well outside your little solar system with Voinovich at its center, Voinovich planets circling the Voinovich sun.  That there should be a whole universe beyond Voinovich, with ideas, and principles, is beyond the comprehension of Voinovichism.     


I am sent to my death by cowards, harassed by dogs;  yes, cowards and dogs: Voinovichites.  I kill myself to   protest you and Senator Hatch.  I protest your Voinovichism. 


cc: Senate



From:  <
Reply To:
To:  Senator Hatch
Subject:   My Death
Date:  Fri, 08 July 2005 13:27:37 -0400
CC:  <senate



Date:  07-08-05


To:  Senator Hatch                Note:    This is your copy.

        U. S. Senate

        Washington, D.C.      Please send Senator Hatch

                                             a copy

                                             his email is not working.

From:  Plinio Designori                                     




Subject:  My death



“We'll all have to trust each other," said U. S. Senator Richard Lugar, R-Ind., the committee chairman.


Dear Senator Hatch;


If you are reading this then I am already dead.


I would guess that you were not shown this email until after the coroner’s inquest.  And further I can assume that the only reason you would then be given this email is because the coroner determined that I was in fact hectored and oppressed and driven to my death by the people I have previously reported at my web site: 


Therefore, I can assume that you were then given this email because you were one of the people named:


“I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.”

---  Senator Hatch, on the Don Imus radio show.


Not only did you know about what was done to me but you were one of those who joined in;  thought it a bit of good fun, to drive a man to his death.  And so I suppose that your staff recovered this email and have given it to you because the coroner made it public in San Francisco after I shot myself in the head, sitting on the sidewalk, in front of the KQED building in San Francisco, several months ago.


I have written you and your colleagues before.  But my emails never seemed to reach you;  there was a connection problem.


I first wrote you and your colleagues in 1989 about laser disks in education.  Because I am a conservative I believe that single issue politics is immoral so I also addressed the other issues of the day in order to attract the attention of the readers.  But I always sought to return the subject to the importance of technology in education, self paced computer assisted education, and choice in education.


For example I had argued that government monopoly in education had stifled technical innovation in education and that Federal assistance was needed to compensate for this lack of innovation.  President Bush (41) commented at the time, “ . . . I have heard that sophisticated argument . . .” when asked about this point at a press conference.  (Yet he had no answer.)  Then another time your colleague Senator Hollings  launched into a tirade about  conservatives “goose stepping with David Duke . . . all this talk about innovation in education, innovation in education,  what we need is preparation in those northern GHET-tos. (Later when I quoted him back to himself with the appropriate punctuation he commented that “I stepped on that syllable pretty hard.”)


I wrote a great many letters (see the Math Project Archives and the New Ruskin College Project Archives at the Moynihan Memorial Library @ New Ruskin College)  but I always tried to avoid repeating arguments.  But after many months of letter writing I repeated an argument I had made in an earlier letter.  Then U. S. Senator Moynihan appeared on the floor of the Senate   two days  after posting, (I think Senate mail moves faster than normal mail),  and while speaking interrupted himself and said,  “ . . . I know I have made this point before, . . . but nothing wrong with that, repetition, repetition, every good school master knows that only through repetition and drill can we hope to get the lesson across . . .”


Once I mailed a long letter on which I had had to hand correct a word on each Senator’s copy to avoid the expense of re doing them.  Again a few days later U. S. Senator Moynihan appeared on the floor of the Senate and was reading from typed notes, then stopped, pulled out a pen, leaned forward and paused studying the page, made a correction, and continued speaking, then paused and said, “just a simple correction,  . . . nothing wrong with that.”  (I loved U. S. Senator Moynihan.)


The last time I heard him speak was at the announcement of Mrs. Billy Clinton’s candidacy.  He said, after her run for the primary was announced, “All comers . . . are welcome.”  (I thought there might be a message there.)


Forgive me, I have digressed.


I wanted to tell you something.  It seemed important when I started.  What was it?


I am dead, driven to my death, oh, that’s it.  I wanted to tell you about how unjust it all was.  The years of harassment.  The oppression. 


Even though I say I am probably already dead if you are reading this the truth is that in these last few hours before I die this letter is like an appeal for stay of execution.  My mind has no dignity.  If you think that it is evidence of a lack of resolve you are mistaken.  The difference between a suicide and someone who only has thoughts of suicide is that the suicide actually squeezed the trigger.  Suicide is an act.  And in my case suicide is my protest.  I protest my enemies.   I protest you.


For example I could have fled my enemies, changed my name, tried to hide somewhere.  But I chose to stay here amongst them.  I have deliberately spent down my savings.  I have engineered this catastrophe.  I knew that if I had had some way out I would have taken it.  I have backed myself into a corner, surrounded by my enemies, to kill myself.


And yet, if someone took mercy on me and offered me a job I am sure that I would take it and put off my death for another day.  So in my mind is the fantasy that someone will in reading this final appeal will relent and help me.


“I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.”

---  Senator Hatch, on the Don Imus radio show.


I know perfectly well that you are yourself one of my enemies.  You “heard” how Imus had oppressed me these many years and you not only did nothing to stop him, but you actually encouraged him!  Oh, I know this last minute appeal is useless.  But that is the point don’t you see?  It is an appeal for the record;  to show that every avenue has been exhausted.  My mind wildly fantasizes about moving away to some place of refuge.  


Unemployment is 5%.  There are adds for employment.  I have 25 years of experience.   Yet my applications are not accepted.  My phone does not ring.  Black balled.  Shut out.  (Michael Krasney and the former Mrs. Dr. Dean Edel at AAA.  Mrs. Jack Swanson at CENCAL.  Don Imus at State Farm, (Mengus), and GAB Robins.  Ron Owens (at several places) and with Michael Weiner at Farmers with Scott Bobro and Dean Sotos.  The IRS at Crawford and Company.)  I want to prove to myself that it is utterly hopeless, that there is no chance, there is nothing else that can be done. 


I watch as the months have turned to weeks, then days, and now only hours are left.  I do not dare count them.  Are there 1,000 hours?  No, less, I don’t want to know.  When the day comes I will go over to the KQED building, sit down, wait ten minutes, and then blow the back of my head off, a little fountain of blood.


I want to live, but I choose to die, in protest of Senator Hatch and his “I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.”  When you said that to Imus did you think about what he did?  Did you think about how what he did destroyed another man’s life?  Did you care?  


It was one thing to be surrounded by my enemies here . . . but you are a Senator.  If justice means nothing to you, the law, honor;  if you think it a good joke  .  .  . don’t you see that? 


 . . . But all that is in the past now.


I am dead.  I protest Senator Hatch. 




cc: Senate

From:  <
Reply To:
To:  <>
Date:  Mon, 25 Apr 2005 13:27:37 -0400
CC:  <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>
Dear Senator:                  Note: This is your copy.
                                      Please send a copy to Senator Hatch
                                      his email is not working.

“I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.”
--- Senator Hatch on the Don Imus show.

Your agents at the IRS continue to monitor my web site, waiting for me to
die. Is this democracy?

Site Report for:

Date Range: 4/21/2005 to 4/21/2005

(See The IRS and the Illegals from the North, at the Moynihan Memorial
Library @ New Ruskin College .com.)

I wrote to the Senate 15 years ago about the need for computer based
instruction in education, not only for our children but the world.

For my trouble I have been targeted by the rich and powerful, like Don Imus
for example, who have used the IRS and their connections to ruin my life.

And Senator Hatch thinks it is “amusing.” I am betrayed.

Now you would betray the entire nation with your “Ag Bill”.

One Man, One Vote:

". . .these plaintiffs and others similarly situated, are denied the equal
protection of the laws accorded them by the Fourteenth Amendment to the
Constitution of the United States by virtue of the debasement of their
votes, …"

We conclude that the complaint's allegations of a denial of equal
protection present a justiciable constitutional cause of action upon which
appellants are entitled to a trial and a decision. The right asserted is
within the reach of judicial protection under the Fourteenth Amendment.

The judgment of the District Court is reversed and the cause is remanded
for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

Reversed and remanded.

---Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. 186 (1962)
( )

Ventura County 753,197 North Dakota 634,366

San Francisco County 776,773 South Dakota 754,844

San Mateo County 697,456 Wyoming 593,782

Orange County 2,957,766 Connecticut 3,405,565

Contra Costa County 1,001,136 Delaware 783,600

Santa Clara County 1,682,585 Montana 902,194

Los Angeles County 10,179,716 Ohio 11,352,140

Alameda County 1,433,741 Maine 1,274,923

San Diego County 2,813,833 Mississippi 2,697,243

Riverside County 1,545387 Vermont 608,827

San Bernardino County 1,709,433 West Virginia 1,808,344

Sacramento County 1,330,711 Rhode Island 1,048,319

Votes in the U. S. Senate: 0 24

This is a Senate that cares more for cattle than people. Cares more for
the health of hogs than the health of our children.

This is a Senate that represents more acres of wheat than people.
Represents the special interests of its “constituents” not the American

This is not the United States Senate. It is the Ag Senate. It is the
Commodities Senate.

The people are forsaken. And if you should make the mistake of writing
these Senators, beware, they will destroy you.

“I’ve heard what you do to some of your listeners.” ---Senator Hatch on
the Imus show

This just in:

And do you not think that Senator Craig can count votes? . . . in the Ag

Alameda County 1,433,741 Idaho 1,393,262

If an Alameda County Supervisor were to propose this he would not be taken
seriously. But because the Senator “represents” not Alameda County but
Idaho there is a chance he can over turn our immigration laws from the
floor of the Senate, i.e. without a Senate Committee’s approval.

Such is the power of the Senate that it can raise up such a person to such

“WASHINGTON: Sen. Larry Craig., R-Idaho, could not be talked out of
trying to add AgJobs, a farm worker measure that would create a new
temporary guest worker program that offered the prospect of legalization
and eventual citizenship to migrant workers.

When word spread that such additions might be in the wind, Sens. Dianne
Feinstein, D-Tiburon, Marin, Calif., and John Cornyn, R-Texas, authored a
non-binding resolution that no such measures be added. It passed 61-38. But
almost immediately after that resolution passed, the immigration provisions
began to be offered. More of the same is expected today.

Feinstein was particularly upset at the notion that AgJobs could be
considered now.

"This is going to be a huge magnet" for illegal immigrants, Feinstein
warned her colleagues during an impassioned floor speech. "Mark my words."
That measure, she said, "could bring millions of people into this country -
workers, their spouses, their minor children."

Feinstein said bills like AgJobs should go through the traditional
committee hearing and debate process.

But Craig has been trying to get his measure onto the Senate floor for more
than two years and saw the Iraq bill as his chance. Craig has long said if
given a chance on the floor, his bill would pass.” ---- Dems Try to Sneak
Immigration Reform in Iraq Bill Wires, Friday, April 15, 2005

From:  <>
Reply To:
Subject:  The Truth about Don Imus, Michael Weiner, et al.
Date:  Tue, 5 Apr 2005 10:31:59
BCC:  grassley



Date:  3-31-05


To:      Robert Frank

Wall Street Journal


From:  Plinio Designori


            New Ruskin College



Re.:     And it will never stop,  I will destroy Robert Frank’s life . . .  it will never stop.  --- Don Imus



Now that you have started to learn the truth about Don Imus perhaps you can benefit from my experience.  


I invite you to visit to learn how Don Imus used his influence to destroy my life.  In a few weeks I will commit suicide in protest of Don Imus and the others who have oppressed me for these last fourteen years.  (Yes, fourteen years.  When he says it will never stop he means that it will never stop.  He will use his influence and power to destroy your life.)  It will not stop.


Please understand that I too want to live.  Even though I have been pushed to the very limits of society, oppressed, driven into poverty, still, in the morning, the sunrise is so beautiful my heart rejoices.  As my time runs out the sun has been racing through the sky. 


Life has resolved itself into a granular or cellular structure.  My alienation is now so complete that I no longer live in a world of isolated individuals, but they themselves have devolved into isolated moments in time.  People appear in a bewildering array of personalities minute by minute, seemingly talking gibberish and no one else seems to notice.


For example it started with me noticing intellectual inconsistencies.  Tax shelters for the rich for example:  The Gallo Brother’s Wine Institute or the Imus ranch.  And of course Imus is so vain he does not see the larger issues.  That anyone should question whether a wasted wizened old man and his young deranged wife should be allowed to shelter millions of dollars in an enterprise that would not exist except for our tax laws,  never once occurs to him.  


Why shouldn’t we allow a degenerate old druggy to decide how our tax dollars are spent?  It is futile to point out that the money thus sheltered means that the rest of the people will now have to pay more.   And who are they?  The ones with the lowest ability to raise their prices;  the highest “propensity to spend.”  But in this idiocy Imus is in no way exceptional. (Senate Finance Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) said:   “In exchange for these very generous tax breaks, charitable assets should be going to those in need. More and more, we're seeing that some people view charities and charitable gifts as a chance to help themselves, not others.  What's going on isn't a pretty picture in the harsh light.”  Acknowledging that “our enforcement presence faded in the late 1990s,” (Boy! Did it!  How about completely sold out and corrupted by the very corporate entities the IRS and the Senate were supposed to be overseeing?  Would you say that Mr. Grassley? )  and "weak governance practices.”)


Just recently “conservatives” who previously condemned “junk science” presented the obviously, and self admitted religiously biased, “doctors” culled from  across the country, as representing “main stream scientific consensus” when they in fact knew that the consensus was just the opposite.  It was an intellectual betrayal.     


One minute they say one thing then in the next breath they contradict themselves . . .  And you may be thinking ‘Well, come on, everyone has their limitations, different perspectives, how do you go from this to the complete disintegration of reason . . . the impossibility of communication . . . utter hopelessness?’


It is said that Ted Kaczynski was the subject of a psychological experiment when he was at Harvard.  They wanted to find out what would happen to the subject if you deliberately denied everything.  They found out.  The survivors of the Soviet Prisons said that the worst of it was that they were housed with the lunatics, and diagnosed as being insane.  After a while, they began to wonder . . . 


But this is what I am trying to tell you, this is my warning, this is what happens to you when they start in on you.   First you will think, “coincidence.”  You will receive a letter from your sister, or a friend, someone you trust absolutely.  And then Imus will repeat a phrase from the letter word for word.  Coincidence.  Then Michael Weiner will start reading from a notebook that you have left at home, or on a car seat, or in a motel room.  Then you editor will hand back a story you have written and tell you to rewrite it.  But then driving home, only an hour later, someone else on the radio will talk about having to “rewrite” and how editors do not know how to tell reporters when they are in trouble and about to be fired.


And right now you think:  paranoia.  Yes!  Exactly!  You will never know!  Don’t you see?  Once they start in on you, your wife?  Can you trust your wife?   Then what? A marriage counselor?   Garrison Keillor?  Rush Limbaugh?  Your employer?  Co-workers, for example?  You go to lunch and when you get back to the office your brief case has been moved, opened?  The secretary nods affirmatively to your co-worker’s questioning glance that you catch just out of the corner of your eye.  They went through my briefcase?  Then Imus reads something you emailed your editor.       


Right now you might think that there are limits.  You may work for a prestigious newspaper, or you are well to do,  you think you have friends, or perhaps you simply think that you live in a nation where the ‘rule of law’ is respected.  Is that what you think?


Or  perhaps you are thinking that your colleagues, friends, family, or even just people generally, your fellow citizens, will not allow you to be targeted in this way.   You may think, ‘This is America,  there is justice.’  What you do not yet understand is that they will all join in.   It will become a kind of game for them.   This is what I meant about the granular structure of their personalities.  They can not be trusted.  They will betray you on questions of economics and medicine?  If they will not accept an EEG or a CAT scan then how can you trust them on such trivial questions such as your oppression, the theft of your papers, etc. ,  etc.?      


Right now you think you can trust them.  There is Truth.  Justice?  You trust in good faith.  Take this letter as a warning:  One, it will not stop, Two, no one will help you.


Over the years many people have commented on my situation.  They wanted me to know that they knew about Don Imus and Michael Weiner,  Mrs. Jack Swanson, Ron Owens, Michael Krasney.  Part of the game for them was that I should know that they knew.  Do you see?  They wanted me to know:


“I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.” --- Senator Hatch, on the Imus Show


“What are you going to do . . . hire an attorney?   I’ve got the best attorneys in the country.” ---  Don Imus


“Drop a card on someone.”  ---  Chris Matthews


“Let’s watch our metaphors.” --- Jim Leher


“I hope you are ‘adjusting’ to your new life of ‘white collar crime’.” --- John McLaughlin


“We better stop, I don’t want to get you into trouble.”  --- Phillip Matier, S. F. Chronicle


“No talent . . . you are lint.’  ---  Bill O’Reilly


. . . so she can park her car in a red no parking zone.”  --- unidentified Bay Area journalist.


“Like the man said, ‘The mass media is a hydra headed monster.’ --- fat balding reporter for the Sacramento Bee, on KQED


“Is Charles  going to be around for a wile?” because “I want to call back and run a few things by Charles.”  --- David Gregory on Imus, 04-13-04


“His mother . . . she died? . . .” --- Scott Bobro, Farmers Insurance


 “taking baths.”  --- Ron Owens


 “witches”  --- Jim Dunbar and Ed Wygant   


“I love it when conservatives go after one another.”--- Bernie Ward


“Colonial Motel suspect . . .”  --- The San Rafael Police, police radio


“Michael Krasney is on line three for you.”  ----  AAA auto insurance


Barbara Simpson explained that she has no sympathy for people “who keep journals and diaries . . . writing everything down.  And then it gets stolen and made public. So?  And so?  So?  What do you expect?”  --- Barbara Simpson


Last month Rush Limbaugh held up Mrs. Jack Swanson’s arm in a victory pose.  (Mrs. Jack Swanson had tried to have Limbaugh fired from the Kansas City radio station they both worked at in the 1980’s. (She objected to his Femi-NAZIs.  She was a liberal then. )) 


Good luck. 

From:  <>
Reply To:
To:  <>
Subject:  Lecture Notes 11-04-04
Date:  Fri, 5 Nov 2004 11:31:59 -0500
CC:  <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>
Dear U. S. Senator Lugar you are mentioned in this Lecture Note and so I
send you a copy for your review.

Keep up the good work the nation needs you.

--- Very Truly Yours , Plinio

Lecture Notes: 11-04-04
And so we are off! The first Presidential news conference. Straw men
zero President 26!

“And I -- I simply do not agree with those who either say overtly or
believe that certain societies cannot be free. It's just not a part of my
thinking.. . . I've got . . . a great faith that people do want to be free
and live in democracy.”

So what? Is the President going to spend the next four years debating
Howard Dean or the flimflam man J. F. F. Kerry? This is the real harm the
radical’s control of the Democrat Party has done to our nation.

I would like to mock and ridicule Mr. Bush for arguing against the straw
man who does not “believe that certain societies” can be free. But then
one remembers Dean and Kerry. But the election is over!

I am not questioning the war. It was 12 years late. I argued with the
President’s father to overthrow Mr. Hussein. My criticism is that the
January elections come eight months after the last government of Iraq, the
Governing Council, was destabilized by our own government, or at least some
factions within State and the CIA. Instead of January elections following
two (2) years of stable parliamentary government, they come amidst
confusion caused by incompetent administration.

My criticism is that instead of organizing a government of exiles in 2002
in Jordan, or Britain, or on an abandoned Army base in Okalahoma, the whole
year was lost. Instead of setting up ministries to oversee the new Iraq in
2002 ---- nothing was done. Mr. Bremmer was not even appointed until
March 2003 when our tanks were already rolling.

And why? Was the Republican administration trying to save the cost of Mr.
Bremmer’s salary? Was it Republican economy? But no one asks these
questions. The Executive is not called on to explain why, having finally
set up a government in 2003, without any planning or preparation, no
programs, no procedures, no records or accounts, no ministries or
departments, no computer systems or even generators, nothing, everything
from scratch; why then, a year later did this Republican Administration
destabilize its own Iraqi Governing Council, and all of this, I say again,
without explanation.

But we live in a democracy right? We have elections? No! Why no
examination? Because this country, one of the oldest democracies on the
planet, a nation of 300 million souls, is dependant on the likes of Howard
Dean to set the terms of our public discussion. Oh, and that other fellow,
Kerry who flip flopped several times to get ahead of Dean, to “run” for
president, but no attempt to examine the truth. And puffy eyed Jim Lehrer,
the crazed forger Dan Rather, the wizened Don Imus god help us, are the
“independent” journalists, representatives of the Fifth Estate, who fight
for the truth and the people’s right to know? Get off it.

And so having defeated the straw men, the President can affirm his “faith”
in freedom. Note that Mr. Bush reverts to “faith” because there is no
debating “faith.” No system of logical thought can be brought to examine
the steps of his reasoning; no explanation can be made beyond the simple
profession of “faith.” And where there is no discussion, therefore no
democracy. For democracy, unlike monarchy or dictatorship, is dependent on
reason, and discussion; human understanding.

But excuse me Mr. President, why did you destabilize the Governing Council?
Why didn’t you have an Iraqi government ready to begin administration of
the country in 2003? Where was the fleet of container ships to bring in
the supplies needed to start Iraq on its new life? Why did you turn away
the deserters from the old regime’s army? Why didn’t we have a new army
training on bases in Kuwait or on bases in Okalahoma in preparation for
2003? Why wasn’t Mr. Robert Baer parachuted into the North of Iraq to
organize the new Iraqi army? Why didn’t you have a constitution for the
new Iraq? Why are the January elections taking place not at the end of two
years of stability and orderly transition, but after two years of

Why am I the only one asking these questions?

We have just had an election in which these obvious failings have gone
unexamined, and you call this democracy? Why unexamined? Because the
Democrats like Howard Dean wanted to debate if we should even have gone to
war! Where are those weapons of mass destruction? This is what the
radicals who control the Democrat Party thought was the central issue. (We
have already explained, before the war, why bio weapons would not have been
the reason for war.) So the political debate is ruined, is reduced to
tripe, because of the radicals, because of Dean, and the flip flopper. The
national discussion brought to the lowest level by the radicals in the
Democrat Party.

It is a rich irony that these same radicals think them selves
intellectually our superiors. They who have ruined our public discourse,
who prevent us from examining the issues, planning for the future,
preparing for the dangers, they speak of having to do a better job,
“educating” us. (Pelosi said this upon the defeat of Kerry: "It's not
about soul-searching. It may be about how we can educate the American
people more clearly on the difference between Democrats and Republicans. I
think the table is set for us in the next election. I welcome the fray. I
look forward to conveying to the public what the differences are between
the Democrats and the Republicans here. And many people thought that this
would be a one-two punch, and that is what it will be. But we have lost
just about everything that we can lose." Impenetrable.)

So, because the Democrats offered up a man who said that Iraq was the
“wrong war” Mr. Bush can plausibly escape having to answer the above
questions. Because the public discourse has been so retarded by radicals,
(who think themselves so much above the rest of us), Mr. Bush can not be
accused of arguing with straw men, because there really were the likes of
Dean and Kerry, with whom he did debate these basic and obvious points:
Should we go to war? Should we be in Iraq? Would we have, if we had known
then what we know now? Can no one else see the absurdity? Am I the sole

This nattily dressed gentleman in his oval office frittered away two (2!)
years, not withstanding the fact that he was to stand for reelection;
failing to organize the new Iraq; failing even to explain the reasons for
the war in which over a 1,000 Americans have thus far been killed; but
because the political opposition, and the press, are so incompetent, so
lost in their own distorted and dysfunctional ideology, he wins reelection
by 4% and calls it a “mandate.” Why was it so close? (“This election
should have been over sometime in August, not 1 a.m. election night.” ---
Ann Coulter, FrontPageMagazine 11-04-04)

And to here the radio talk show buffoons talk you would think that the
nation had “turned right” irreversibly; that it is unthinkable that
135,000 people in Ohio could ever again think of voting for anyone with a
“D” after his name.

Let me be clear. I support the President. I voted for him. Yet I have no
illusions. I am neither inclined to favor nor criticize him and his
Administration for personal reasons. I have no personal interest in this
examination. (For example, in 1996, eight years ago, the IRS, (possibly
under the direction of the Clinton regime), asked me to help in a criminal
investigation. The IRS then leaked my name to the very criminals that they
had asked me to help investigate. Why? (see ‘The IRS and the Illegals
from the North’ at the Moynihan) There was a time when I thought this
injustice would be righted. However, now after eight years even someone as
slow on the uptake as me can see that nothing will be done against the IRS
criminal investigators who betrayed me let alone the Clinton regime whom I
suspect orchestrated the scheme. What is more, I know that Mr. Bush and
the Republicans would be at least unsympathetic, and actually openly
hostile to me, if they knew I had agreed to help the IRS in an
investigation of my employer’s criminal misconduct. This Administration
has a reputation for being hostile to whistleblowers even when they are
upholding the law.) So I have no illusions.

Strategically, politically, morally, the Administration was right in going
to war in Iraq but not only has its administration of the war been uneven,
it has failed to lay out before the people the full explanation for the
war. Rather than explaining in detail to the American people, of whom they
are asking to sacrifice so much, about Mr. Hussein’s villainy, they have
found it politically expedient to avoid confronting the likes of Dean and
Kerry and Kennedy and the Fifth Estate and the liberal bastions at the
universities, State, CIA, etc. etc..

So the young soldiers who risk their lives for us may know the true reasons
for why they fight, but if they do it is because they have studied on their
own, not because they have heard the full explanation from Mr. Bush or read
it in the New York Times. And as an impartial observer I can not say if
Mr. Bush has been “wrong” to skirt these issues as he has.

First of all, if his opponents argue at such basic questions as should we
even be in Iraq then clearly they are deliberately misrepresenting the
facts and what duty does one have to debate honestly with the dishonest?
Then too, the press, Mr. Lehrer, Rather, the rest, are obviously so unfair
that again a purely tactical reason can be legeitamatly given for avoiding
a direct confrontation, which, because they control the media, they will

However, these considerations speak only to why Mr. Bush would handle the
public debate in this subtle manner. They do not explain why the rest of
the Administration has performed so poorly in public discussion. For
example Iraqi documents were only leaked in October which show the extent
of the old regime’s involvement in terror. Why “leaked?” Why in October?
Nor do the tactical explanations, for why this Administration has been so
coy with the truth, explain why the Administration has failed to meet with
its supporters and friends. Not only has it failed to meet with Laurie
Mylrorie but even U. S. Senator Lugar has repeatedly complained about being
excluded by this Administration.

The President could certainly have discussed, debated, attempted to
persuade Mr. Lugar. This is what politics is all about. Not professions
of faith. Reason. Persuasion. But recall that this is the president who
said that what he liked about being President is that he did not have to
explain himself. And it appears that this extends to everyone inside and
outside of the Administration. But if Mr. Bush had engaged in vigorous and
frank exchanges with Mr. Lugar and others would so many mistakes have been
made? If Mr. Bremmer had been at work through out 2002 would confusion
reign? The simple exercise of open discussion might have clarified the
policy before it turned to confusion.

Mr. Bush after four years in office does not appear to me as a man
practiced in the arts of argumentation, persuasion, and reasoning. When,
for example, one hears him stumble over a question about new appointments
to his cabinet, at the news conference, one wonders if he even talks to
his wife? He answered the question by talking about how he was concerned
that members of his cabinet were “burned out” and how he would be looking
to see which ones were “burned out” and would be dumping them. I know Mrs.
Bush could have found a more artful way to express her gratitude for
everyone who has served in the cabinet and would be meeting with each one
to express her gratitude personally, and discuss the future, etc. etc.

The fact that Mr. Bush stumbles over even such simple questions causes one
to question how much of what has been done and not done during his time at
the bully pulpit is the result of a subtle strategy, and how much is the
result of plain inarticulateness, and how much is the result of mental
confusion due to lack of experience talking and thinking about these

Why all the secrecy? Why not publish the minutes of the cabinet meetings?
Isn’t the idea of politics to have one’s ideas known? But then we must
remember, what Mr. Bush likes about being President is that he does not
have to explain himself to people, even his friends, even the fellow
countrymen he is asking to die.

They deserve the truth. They deserve to know how Iraq sponsored terrorists
around the world. They need to hear it from their President.

They deserve our support. They deserve a well run and organized
administration of Iraq and the war. This is only possible if this
Administration starts engaging in open and honest public discussions.

Let us start now with Iran and Syria. If we leave Iran to Israel we will
have failed in our duty to our people and the world. We have asked much of
so many, can we fail to ask honesty of ourselves?

Warning: Please be advised that hackers are using sending fraudulent
email with our return address.



Date:  05-26-2004



Senator Jeffords

U. S. Senate

Washington, D. C.


Dear Senator Jeffords;


I am writing you to invite you to return to the Grand Old Party.  I have just been so pleased with what you and Senator Chafee, and Senator Collins, and Senator McCain, and Senator Snowe, have been doing for our country in holding the line on the National Debt.  The Magnificent Five, that’s what I call you.  The only fly in the ointment is that it’s not five Republicans.  It would be so much neater if The Magnificent Five were all Republicans.  See?   I know that you had some sort of dust up with the Administration, but I believe, as I have grown older, that a large part of life is learning to forgive and forget ----


Counselor:  (Coughing, gagging,) . . .


Yvonne, my dear, are you ok? 


Counselor:  Yes, (coughing), I just swallowed down the wrong pipe . . . yes . . . I’m fine . . .


Ah, Senator Jeffords, my counselor, Yvonne.  Yvonne, Senator Jeffords.  I was just writing to him to invite him to return to the Republican party.


Counselor:  Yes, I know . . . But won’t that make him appear vacillating?  Indecisive?


Vacillating?  The Senator has been a Republican a lot longer than he has been an Independent.  Truth be told he has been a Republican longer than I have been GOP.


Counselor:  But you voted for Nixon.


Well yes, the first time I ever voted.  But I didn’t vote again until Reagan.  Voted for him the first term.  Politicians disappoint.  Oh, well I . . . didn’t mean . . . excuse me, sir, no offense, . . . It was his budget deficits.  I mean Reagan’s deficits.  I have always been a Bush man.  Father and son, and the . . .


Anyway the point is this:  what is best for Vermont?  Vermont needs the connection to the Republican party.  The two party system is as American as maple syrup.    Senator, you need to rejoin for Vermont’s sake, do you hear?


Counselor:  You can not order the Senator.  Excuse him Mr. Jeffords he isn’t really a politician he just thinks he is.


Look we are going to be having a Convention in New York.  You’ll want to be a part of it.  President Bush would certainly appreciate your support.  Recollect Franklin’s remark?  A friend in need . . . ?  Indeed!  See what I’m driving at?    No better time.  Smooth things over, don’t you see?   . . . Well? . . . A friend indeed!  You see?


Indecisive?  Not a bit of it.  Perfect time.  Strike while the iron’s hot.  (Not quite sure the origin of this folkism.)


Counselor:  What are you, British?


No, I’m . . . not sure how they speak in Vermont.  It’s mostly country isn’t it?  Folksy? 


Counselor:  Forgive him, he isn’t a politician.


Forgive. Yes, that’s just what I’ve been driving at.  Exactly.  Forgive and forget.  Just give me the word I’ll contact the White House make all the arrangements.


This reminds me when Newt Gingrich bucked out on the Budget Bill of 1990 . . . or was it 1991,  . . . I wrote to them all, explained that what with the election coming up . . . must have been 1990, . . . I wrote to Sununu, gave him chapter and verse,  “forgive others as you would have them forgive you,”. . . you know the passage?  It’s from . . . I don’t know what?   Jesus I expect . . .  any way they all got together, Senator . . .  that tall bald headed one from  . . . Montana?  Wyoming?  He is at Harvard now, Stemson, Simpson, put his arm around Gingrich as they all posed for pictures at the White House.  Unity, that is the thing.  Everyone would be so pleased with you Sir.  A prodigal son welcome.  Fatted calf and all that.


Counselor:  Will you stop talking with that British accent.  He is from Vermont, not the British Yorkshires.


Well, country people,  so what do you say Senator Jeffords?  The Magnificent Five, ride again?  Can I put you down as a member?


Very Truly Yours;


Plinio Designori


New Ruskin College




President Bush     Senator Alexander     

U. S. Senator Biden    Senator Dole

Senator Daschle    Senator Santorum

U. S. Senator Frist    U. S. Senator Warner

U. S. Senator Byrd  Senator Domenici

Senator Edwards  Senator Schumer       

Senator Sununu  Senator Kennedy            

Senator Kerry  Senator Dodd

Senator  Hatch  Senator Corzine

Senator Feingold  Senator Harkin               

Senator Kyl  U. S. Senator Lieberman          

Senator Lott  Senator Rockefeller          

Senator Sarbanes  Senator Specter

Senator Craig 




President Bush     Senator Alexander     

U. S. Senator Biden    Senator Dole

Senator Daschle    Senator Santorum

U. S. Senator Frist    U. S. Senator Warner

U. S. Senator Byrd  Senator Domenici

Senator Edwards  Senator Schumer       

Senator Sununu  Senator Kennedy            

Senator Kerry  Senator Dodd

Senator  Hatch  Senator Corzine

Senator Feingold  Senator Harkin               

Senator Kyl  U. S. Senator Lieberman          

Senator Lott  Senator Rockefeller          

Senator Sarbanes  Senator Specter

Senator Craig  Senator Breaux

Senator Dorgan Senator Enzi

Senator Gregg  U. S. Senator Lugar

From:  <>
Reply To:
To:  <>
Subject:  the magnificent five
Date:  Wed, 26 May 2004 18:00:00 -0400
CC:  <>, <>, <>, <>, <>
I very much enjoyed your article in the newspaper.

However, I think you failed to capture the drama. Alone in the Senate, cut
off from their party, the magnificent five hold back the flood of debt that
threatens to cripple the nation. Stop.

Can the Republican Party be saved? Power of Executive charges the Hill.
Repulsed! Stop

Fate of Nation in balance. The Magnificent Five, hold the line. The
center has held! Nation Saved! Stop

More in second edition. Tell the newsboys second edition in an hour!

coy of
Date: 05-24-04
Senator Chafee
Senator Collins
Senator Jeffords
Senator McCain
Senator Snowe

U. S. Senate
Washington, D. C.


1: the support about which a lever turns 2: one that supplied
capability for action




Date:  05-24-04




Senator Chafee

Senator Collins

Senator Jeffords

Senator McCain

Senator Snowe

U. S. Senate

Washington, D. C.




1:  the support about which a lever turns   2:  one that supplied capability for action



Dear Senator Chafee;

Dear Senator Collins;

Dear Senator Jeffords;

Dear Senator McCain;

Dear Senator Snowe;


Senators you stand at the fulcrum of American politics.   You are the fulcrum about which our nation can turn.  You can save our nation.  Our republic awaits your leadership.  Will you save America?


Act.  The Executive is distracted.  Act now!  The Senate is evenly divided.  If you love our country:   Act!


Our people have been sold into bondage.  We once  free citizens of a republic, have been made chattel.  The bondsman’s lien on us is now $25,000 per person; every man, woman, and child.  Our once free state has been sold to the lenders:  the  national mortgage is $7.2 trillion and it is growing, above our chests,  churning, now above our necks, a waxing tide of debt, is drowning us, drowning our nation. 


Why has this debt been allowed to accumulate?  Who benefits?  Who?  The rich, the rich, it benefits the rich!  They have become our masters, to whom we are bound by our bonds of debt. 


The strength of our once sovereign nation, today protects not our freedom, but the rich.  We protect the rich from the market place. Their capital sits idle, protected from market risk by the state.  Our Army no longer marches under our red, white, and blue banner;  it marches for them, the rich.  The rich beat the drum. 


You have made a start.  You have forced the politicians, who menace you like the lions once menaced our fathers and mothers in the Coliseum, to see themselves for what they have become:  the painted ladies of the rich.


Now take the next step.  Do not be satisfied to merely hold the line on the national debt.  Dare greatness, go further, lead!  You are the fulcrum of the nation, make your stand in the Senate, move the world. Bring down this temple of debt. 


Drive the rich and their idle capital  back out into the market.  Pay off there bonds and free your people.  Force them to put their capital back to work in the private economy.


You will find allies in The People’s House to pay down the debt.  Let us together force the return of capital back into the market place by paying off the bonds of national debt with a special tax devoted exclusively to the sole purpose of paying off the debt.


I propose a tax on capital to retire the debt.  No longer be satisfied with merely holding the line, draw down the debt.  You are the fulcrum. Act now!


True, the tax on capital removes capital from the private market, but think, as soon as you receive these sums, you transfer all sums to the Treasury and pay off a bond!  Just think about that:  pay off the bonds!  The capital flows in one window,  at the I. R. S.  and then, just as swiftly it flows back out into our economy through the other window:  the Treasury Bond redemption window.


Every day you inject billions of dollars back into the capital markets.  True the billions were taken in from those same capital markets, but this is not zero sum.


Why not zero sum?


Because you will now be replacing lazy government protected capital, with active, free enterprise, private market capital.  Capital that has been lying  idly about in Treasury Bonds will now become vigorous and active.  Active meeting the needs of the private economy.  Vigorous in meeting the demands of the people in the market place.


Every day, every month, every year, capital will pour out of the Treasury back into the market.   Every dollar the Treasury soaked up in its borrowing will now be squeezed back out into the economy.  Borrowers who needed loans to build the factory or laboratory, home or office building, but who had been displaced by the borrowing of the Treasury will now find that there is capital for their ventures. 


This is why this proposed capital tax is a fair tax.  The holders of our bonds benefited from their privileged position as the creditors of the most powerful nation in the history of the world.  They enjoyed their idleness, free from the hazards and risks of the market.    Some of them actually actively encouraged our plunge into debt.  Now they shall be made to pay.  Capital should be made to pay the burden of capital.


This is not a tax of vengeance for it can be seen, that now, as the economy grows they will find more energetic uses for their capital.  Their rate of return shall increase.  This is not punishment;  it is positive reward!  This scheme is a positive benefit for them and their capital, the nation, the economy.


As the bonds are paid off, the capital is injected back into the economy, and more economic activity will shoot up.  As the economy grows the capital tax will allow us to retire more debt.  More Treasury Bonds will be redeemed.  More capital will flow back out into the market.  The capital will stimulate the economy. A self reinforcing growth:  Greater and greater progress and freedom.


Act, act now!  You are the fulcrum of our nation!



Very Truly Yours,


Plinio Designori


New Ruskin College





President Bush     Senator Alexander     

U. S. Senator Biden    Senator Dole

Senator Daschle    Senator Santorum

U. S. Senator Frist    U. S. Senator Warner

Senator Byrd     Senator Domenici

Senator Edwards     Senator Schumer       

Senator Sununu      Senator Kennedy            

Senator Kerry     Senator Dodd

Senator  Hatch     Senator Corzine

Senator Feingold     Senator Harkin               

Senator Kyl     Senator Lieberman          

Senator Lott     Senator Rockefeller          

Senator Sarbanes     Senator Specter




Date:  5-20-04



Senator McCain

U. S. Senate

Washington, D. C.



Dear Senator McCain;


I heard your comments about the deficit and completely agree with you.


However, I do not believe most people understand why deficits are harmful.


Certainly the interest payments represent another burden on the people.  Certainly this burden falls most heavily on those who come after us:  our children.


Even as important as these two reasons are, there is still a more important reason why deficits should be avoided. 


These deficits represent the establishment of a government protected class.


The old Robber Barons could build replicas of European palaces, (I am thinking of Marble House at Newport where crazy old Vanderbilt used to wonder around in a British uniform imagining himself, His Royal Highness, Prince of Wales), yet they were not, in fact, protected by the state.


Of course, they used the state when ever they could:  land grants for their rail roads, free mining, logging, etc.  They used their political power to fight regulation of banking and securities, they could use tariffs to exclude competition, but for all their power and influence, their capital was still “at risk.”


Like Vanderbilt they could pretend that they were princes of the state, build mansions that looked like palaces, but in fact, for all their political power the Robber Barons were not princes, they were forced to take their capital out to the market, (a rigged market though it might be), but still they at least were forced to face some risk.


The Robber Barons of our day do not have to face any risk thanks to the I. R. S.  For it is the I. R. S. that will go out among the people and grab hold of our fellow citizens by the ankles, hold them upside down, and shake them until the interest on the national debt is paid.


All of that national debt is ultimately backed by the sovereignty of the United States and its sovereign power of the double headed ax:  the sovereign promise to pay or else.  Between the risk of the market, and the Robber Barons stands Uncle Sam, and his laws, his judges, his armies of lawyers, and men with guns and badges. 


Our Robber Barons of today need not face the consumer’s choices;  they do not have to meet the demands of the market;  they never have to face any risk at all.  For even General Motors’ Bonds have some risk.  There is foreign and domestic competition;  technology risk;  general economic risk of the economy; even the risks associated with the financial markets.  But with government bonds of the United States, there is no risk.  Payment is guaranteed.


All of those dollars in the  National Debt represent the final triumph of capital over the people.  The establishment of the capital class in a protected unassailable bastion, above risk, above the markets, above competition, the demands of the consumers:  capital triumphant. 


This is the problem with deficits.  They create a privileged class protected by the sovereign power of the state.


Most of us if we put a thousand dollars in an investment, or in the bank, we loose the use of the money.  If it is there in the bank, or wherever, then it is not in our wallet, we can not spend it.  This is also true if you have a hundred thousand dollars.  If you buy Treasury Bills then you can not buy that addition for your home that you have been dreaming about.


However, this seemingly obvious rule does not apply to capital.  If you have a hundred million you can invest  it, for example, in Treasury Bills, and still have the use of it for other investments.  It is this quality of capital that has allowed great fortunes to be made in banking and as some readers may have guessed, this quality also is what has brought down many banks. 


There is the quality of the pyramid scheme to what we are discussing.  And yet one man’s pyramid scheme is another man’s bank; or did you think your savings is kept in the vault of your local bank?  This is why the governments sovereign guarantee is so useful.


$7.2 trillion, $25,000 per person, of capital is guaranteed by the United States.  This money has been raised up above the risks of the market. Its beneficiaries are the members of the capital holding class.  The $7.2 trillion has been given, lent, to the U. S., but it has not simply gone into the government and been distributed as the average person might think.


The $7.2 trillion is still in the hands of the lenders.  They have $7.2 trillion in government notes.  However, these notes are not like the receipt the teller hands you when you deposit your pay check.  The Treasury Notes unlike your deposit receipts are negotiable.  They can serve as collateral for further investments.  When you deposit money the teller stamps your savings book and that is pretty much it, the money is gone until you get drunk and withdraw it again.  But this is not the situation for the capitalists.


This situation does not just obtain with government debt.  The same exact situation exists in any capital transaction.  You never think about it because you . . . well you know, you are dealing with other life issues.


But the capitalists have known about this aspect of capital since the beginning of capital.  It is one of its most attractive features. 


The U. S.’s promise to beat the interest payments out of its subjects, for the benefit of the Treasury Bond holders is just the first promise made on the capital.  It is the first pledge. And a very fine pledge it is:  the most powerful country in the history of the world.  Yes, a very fine pledge.  Always a pleasure doing business with you.


No risk there.  If the U. S. can not make its payments then probably it will not matter if the payment is made or not.  If this debtor does not pay it will be because the Earth is a smoking ruin.


So the holders of this paper are safe from the market.  They do not have to worry about advances made by the competitors in technology, changes in fashion, no market worries of any kind.  If it were not for the U. S. debt they would have to think about what consumers needed, how to become more efficient, stay up late thinking about how to do things better.  But now, with $7.2 trillion, as long as there is an I. R. S., they have no worries. 


Some readers will have thought that with so much talk about capitalist that we must be communists.  However, every point made here was first made by Ludwig von Mises, the Austrian School economist, and defender of capitalism.  The objections expressed here are not objections to capitalism, but of the use of the state to escape the vicissitudes of the market. 


Or has the reader been under the delusion that the holders of capital are automatically friends of the market?  What astonishing innocence!  No, you are mistaken.  Quite often they are the ones most eager to escape the market.  After all they have the most to lose to fair competition.  So next time you hear some rich man tell you that deficits don’t matter, or more likely it will be the rich man’s mouth piece, the politician, remember this:  who benefits?        


These capitalists are protected by the state and they want to keep it that way.  It is as if our government has been taken over by the rich, for the exclusive benefit of the rich. 


Wait, ----  why say “as if?” 



Very Truly Yours;


Plinio Designori

New Ruskin College



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Senator Hatch

U. S. Senate

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(202) 224-5251

Web Form:




Plinio Designori

New Ruskin College, Castalia




New Ruskin College

We make what all the world wants:  the ultimate source of all power --- Knowledge!


Dear Senator  Hatch;


During your last appearance on the Don Imus show you told Mr. Imus that you had “heard what you have done to some listeners.”


Will the Senator please explain what he has heard about Don Imus doing to “some listeners?”


From whom did the Senator hear about this?


Does the Senator know which listeners? 


Will the Senator provide their names to us?


What has Don Imus done to these listeners?


Does the Senator approve?


In the Senator’s opinion,  are Imus’ actions violations of F. C. C. regulations?


Does the Senator know what Imus has done to this listener?


At my web site I have recorded what Don Imus and others have done to me;  done to me for the last 12 years. He has said in explanation only that it “amused” him. 


Years ago I wrote to you and your colleagues about the importance of laser disk technology in education.  I called my letter writing campaign the Math Project.   After Yvonne [deletion] betrayed me I wrote one last letter and gave up on the project, the Senate, and politics.


No action was ever taken on my proposal.  No high school courses in mathematics and science, history and literature, government and civics, have been made.  So to day there are no courses available to send to Iraq.  Or the former Yugoslavia. None for Appalachia, nor for the Indian Reservation either. 


I had thought of you, back then at that time, as one of the lights of the Republican Party.  I had thought that you were leading it away from the hateful people, like Pat Buchanan, and Michael Weiner, into a  more wholesome party.  “Kinder and gentler,” is how our President described it at the time.  Was I wrong about you Senator Hatch?


I did not respond  to Imus’ taunts, the surveillance, the interference with my employment, but over the years it has become apparent that for some reason they will not let me alone.  Why? I have been persecuted by Mr. Imus and the others simply out of viciousness.  Do you think this a joke?


I will not be surprised now should you choose not to answer my questions.


Very Truly Yours,


Plinio Designori

New Ruskin College



It was my custom when I was working on the Math Project to enclose a copy of the letter in which a Senator’s name appears, as a sign of respect.  Therefore with respect for that Senator Hatch I once knew to be a thoughtful man here is the link to:  This is what is wrong with the Republican Party: Part II .


Notice: This correspondence is confidential. Any publication beyond this,
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or publication will not waive the rights under the law of the private
citizen who holds the copy right there to. All rights to privacy are
asserted. All publication will be prosecuted to the full extent of the


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From:  <>
Reply To:

Complaint that broadcasters have used their Federally licensed radio channels to harasse, torment, and oppress me for a number of years.

Date:  Mon, 11 May 2004 05:45:16 -0400
Attachments:  Lecture Notes: 05-11-04

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Starting in 1991 when employees of KQED used their influence with my marriage counselor, Yvonne [deletion], to have her take me to their studio under a pretense, and continuing up to today, various broadcasters have interfered with my life, and have used their broadcasts to harasse and torment me.


For example in 1991 and continuing into 1992 KQED employees planted references to me in their broadcasts acknowledging that they had in fact used their influence with Yvonne [deletion] to have her bring me down to their studio.  I stopped seeing Yvonne [deletion] and organized protests in front of the KQED studios.  I wrote the Last Letter.  (see The Last Letter Archive at the Moynihan Memorial Library at my website .)


 ( I created the web site to serve as evidence after I am gone.  It contains as detailed a description as I can give.  Only recently have I learned that large numbers of people already know the truth of what has been done to me. )


Subsequently, after Yvonne [deletion] again promised to keep our conversations confidential I resumed seeing her.  It became clear however, that she was in fact not, once again, keeping her promise.  (Many examples of her violation of her promise were provided by Reb Anderson and others at the Green Gulch Farm retreat.  (This group appears in Radical Son, by Horowitz.)  More later.)   Then after Duane Garrett made a reference to something I had said to her, (see CENCAL Letters at the Moynihan), I again stopped seeing her.


However, this was not the end of my ordeal.  Over the years, Michael Weiner, principally, and others have stalked and harassed me using their radio broadcasts to taunt and humiliate.  Michael Krasney, KQED, and the former Mrs. Dr. Dean Edel, (Rose Guilbault), both of whom formerly worked at KGO, interfered with my employment at AAA auto club where Ms. Guilbault is a Vice President of Public Affairs.  Ron Owens used his influence to harasse me at several jobs and places, and again, then using his radio broadcasts to taunt me.


Michael Weiner has stalked me, burglarized my rooms, used electronic surveillance, even arranging to rent a storage garage next to my unit in order to eaves drop.  Don Imus has used his connections to follow me from one place of employment to another.  And again, all of them using their broadcasts to taunt and humiliate.


See Intel Operations, and Psy Ops for detailed descriptions.  Also see How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One for an example of a current theft in which Michael Weiner was involved.


What started with harassment by KQED has developed into a 12 year ordeal of cruelty and oppression that had it not happened to me I would have found it scarcely believable.  The Broadcast Licenses of all the entities involved should be revoked, fines should be levied.  They have used the public airways as an avenue for their personal vendettas, to destroy the life of another for their “amusement.”

Please, I implore you.  Investigate.  

Your Servant;

Peter [deletion]
Mill Valley, CA 949[deletion]


Notice: This correspondence is confidential. Any publication beyond this,
is contrary to the intention of the copyright holder. Any public notice
or publication will not waive the rights under the law of the private
citizen who holds the copy right there to. All rights to privacy are
asserted. All publication will be prosecuted to the full extent of the

From:  <>
To:  <>
Date:  Sat, 8 May 2004 01:42:03 -0400 (EDT)
Thank you for e-mailing President Bush. Your ideas and comments are very
important to him.

Because of the large volume of e-mail received, the President cannot
personally respond to each message. However, the White House staff
considers and reports citizen ideas and concerns.

In addition to, we have developed White House Web
Mail, an automated e-mail response system. Please access to submit comments on a specific issue.

Additionally, we welcome you to visit our website for the most up-to-date
information on current events and topics of interest to you.

From:  <>
Reply To:
To:  <>
Subject:  How I would settle the Iraqi Prisoner Claims
Date:  Sat, 8 May 2004 01:30:15 -0400
Attachments:  Baghdad Claims Office.doc,Size: 44840 bytes.
Baghdad Claims Office(1).doc,Size: 44840 bytes.

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Dear Mr. President;

Thank you for your prompt reply to my communication of yesterday.

Compensation having been agreed to we propose how to proceed in our
article: Baghdad Claims Office: How I would settle the Iraqi Prisoner
Claims. Please visit my web site at

For your convenience I attach a copy.

Again, thank you for your cooperation. Please have your people contact me
directly or my agent EPC Global to make arrangements
at: .

Your Servant;

Peter [deletion]
Mill Valley, CA 949[deletion]


Notice: This correspondence is confidential. Any publication beyond this,
is contrary to the intention of the copy right holder. Any public notice
or publication will not waive the rights under the law of the private
citizen who holds the copy right there to. All rights to privacy are
asserted. All publication will be prosecuted to the full extent of the

From:  <>
To:  <>
Date:  Thu, 6 May 2004 16:14:59 -0400 (EDT)
Thank you for e-mailing President Bush. Your ideas and comments are very
important to him.

Because of the large volume of e-mail received, the President cannot
personally respond to each message. However, the White House staff
considers and reports citizen ideas and concerns.

In addition to, we have developed White House Web
Mail, an automated e-mail response system. Please access to submit comments on a specific issue.

Additionally, we welcome you to visit our website for the most up-to-date
information on current events and topics of interest to you.

From:  <>
Reply To:  Plinio
To:  <>
Subject:  settlement of Iraqi prisoner claims
Date:  Thu, 6 May 2004 16:14:57 -0400
Attachments:  Lecture Note5-6.doc,Size: 35034 bytes.

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Dear Mr. President;

I can solve the Iraqi prisoner problem for you.

As an insurance adjuster I have settled many claims of this type.

Please visit my web site at for my proposal.

For your convenience I enclose the relevant portion.

I realize that you may have heard Rush Limbaugh’s discussion of my proposal
on his radio show to day. But you have to remember that Mr. Limbaugh,
though the King of Talk Radio, is not an insurance man, like me.

He does not fully appreciate the importance of prompt contact and
resolution of claims.I handle claims in a transparent manner which is
ideally suited to the political nature of this claim environment. I think
allowing the public to follow along as the claims are settled will do much
to further international understanding between our two cultures.

Trust me, Mr. President, I will resolve these problems for you,

Please contact me at directly, info provided below, or through my agent at:

Your Servant;

Peter [deletion]
Mill Valley, CA 949[deletion]

Notice: This correspondence is confidential. Any publication beyond this,
is contrary to the intention of the copy right holder. Any public notice
or publication will not waive the rights under the law of the private
citizen who holds the copy right there to. All rights to privacy are
asserted. All publication will be prosecuted to the full extent of the

From:  <>
Reply To:
To:  <com>
Subject:  A Public Letter to Rosie Allen
Date:  Fri, 5 Sep 2003 01:00:21 -0400

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Rosie Allen
KGO Radio
San Francisco, CA.

“It was only coincidence . . . ah . . . I better stop before I get into
---- Lloyd Lindsey Young, 09-04-03

“Well I don’t want to get shot.”
---- Rosie Allen

Oh, Rosie. Shot? Who is going to shoot you? Do you remember? Three
days later and Cynthia Oti was killed in the Alaskan Airlines crash.
Remember? That was a shock. And then the on air talent at KGO and KSFO
started questioning Alaskan Airlines safety. Then they started speculating
that Alaskan Airlines employees were not being honest? Well you know.
Cynthia was “family” --- KGO family. There was concern that the
employees of Alaskan Airlines might engage in a cover up.

In fact it got so bad that Alaskan Airlines pulled its advertising. But a
cover up would have been bad. No, Sir, we could not let them get away with

As it turns out no charges were brought against Alaskan Airlines. They did
not engage in a cover up.

Now, Rosie, can the same be said for KGO and KSFO? Can it be said of
Rosie Allen? You are a “news person” right? If you were to be shown to
have engaged in a cover up . . . well, I mean, think of it:
Credibility? It may still turn out that the City Attorney of San Rafael
did not know about the burglary. Did not know that dozens of City of San
Rafael Police Officers spent hundreds of man hours following and trying to
intimidate the victim of the burglary: The Colonial Motel Suspect. The
Police Chief may be lying to the City Attorney.

But what if it is shown that Rosie Allen, the entire KGO news organization
knew about the burglary. What if it is shown that KGO employees, including
Rosie Allen, had whole pages of the stolen notebook? And now we are going
to say: “It was only coincidence?” Is that the cover story? Can you say

Do you know who has been enjoying the spectacle of the destruction of my
life, (and KGO’s credibility) ?

G. Gordon Liddy. If you asked for proof I am afraid I could not cite a
single quote but some of the things he says are suggestive. (He mentioned
and emphasized the importance of “Intel Operations” to victory in a recent
interview with Coronal Hackworth (USA Retired). But I require greater
proof before I will draw connections. I have my standards.)

You see Rosie, by your conduct, your whole life says: “Nixon was right.”
Everyone does do it, just like he said. In this case you and your friends
at KQED, (Fort Apache as Ted Baxter called it), have done Nixon one
better. Nixon only broke into Daniel Elsberg’s psychiatrist’s office.
In my case it is as if Nixon got the psychiatrist to cooperate.

‘Now see, after Dr. Elsberg leaves your office, you call me, see, and
go over what you two just talked about. Then I’ll call a press
conference, see, and I’ll allude to something he told you. Boy, this will
be great, we’ll really do a number on that poor bastard.’

You see Nixon only wanted copies of the doctor’s notes to see if Dr.
Elsberg had been involved in the release of classified documents. But
you, Rosie Allen, and your friends did Nixon one better. KQED actually got
Yvonne to cooperate. And not just for one day but for several months.

But what I do not understand is that I had not written any letters for
years when they broke into my room and stole my notebook. I was not
involved in politics. I had been deprived of my lively hood. Driven into
bankruptcy. When they broke into my room my father lay dead, but not yet
buried. After all these years . . . Why, Rosie, why? What did they want
from me?

You will note that it was only Gene Burns who showed any sympathy at all.
“When will we say enough is enough?” When Rosie?

You will notice it was not Ron Owens. (Yvonne says she was a guest on Ron
Owens’ show.) In fact Ron Owens worked with the children’s clothing
designer at Gymboree to get me fired from my courier job. (It was the only
employment I could find.) Why, Rosie, why?

It was not Bernie Ward either. He said he, “loved it,” when I criticized
Weiner. “I love it when conservatives go after each other.” (Weiner said
that Bernie was no longer a Catholic Priest because he molested boys. I
did not “love it” when Weiner said it. Of course we do not expect
broadcast standards over at KSFO; but KGO?

Of course both are managed by Jack Swanson. And Mrs. Jack Swanson, why
did she start it up again? What do they want? What is it?

It seems I am hated because I am hated. I have been separated out from the
herd. Here he is. This one. It is ok to hate him. You would think Jews
could understand this dynamic. Or, ah, . . . blacks? I remember when
GEORGIE GEYER returned from Bosnia.

The Liberal Establishment had hit upon the formulation that the collapse of
Tito’s rule allowed “centuries old animosities” to surface. This view was
all the clearer as it was not tainted by any actual experience in the area.
Geyer began to describe the process of social disintegration she had
witnessed. A man notices that the surrounding countryside is going to go
Christian or Moslem and so he grabs his gun and joins with his neighbors to make it go Christian or Moslem, etc.. 

Her co-panelists were out raged.  What about the “centuries old animosities?”  All this blood and death.  It can not just be thousands of ad hoc decisions.  We need “centuries old animosities.”  Without that then, why, we might be capable of bloody murder. 

The reason I have argued against “objective” values is because of just this:  where are they now?  If you are not practicing the values you claim,  right now, then where are they?  Apart from your actions they do not exist.  If you are not honest now, then honesty does not exist.  People who believe in “objective values” always have the comfort of believing that their values exist even when they are not being practiced.  For them honesty exists even when they are being dishonest.  But then there is always your job to think about.

Is that it Rosie?  Are you afraid of Jack Swanson?   Cross him and tell the truth and you end up doing late night in Cleveland?  Is that what it comes down to?  Dishonesty or Cleveland?  Oh Rosie.  Say it isn’t so, Rosie.  Say it isn’t so.


Reply To:
To:  <>
Subject:  Michael Weiner
Date:  Mon, 1 Sep 2003 20:58:18 -0400

Notes on the investigation of the theft of this web page:

On 8-21-03 Bernard McGurk ended the Imus program by saying after his fight
with Rosenberg “I’ll need a new liver.” This is a reference to the attack
on the “homeless” man in San Rafael by the Assistant City Prosecutor in
which the City Prosecutor, after first blocking the man from leaving,
(false arrest and imprisonment), and threatening him, (assault), and
grabbing him (battery), and hitting him, (battery), and then pulling a
knife, (concealed weapon), proceeded to cut out the man's liver, (attempted murder), which I mentioned in the conclusion of How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One. (How  Don and Mike Brought Down the Evil One was the title in the first draft which was stolen from the network at Kinko’s.

Mr. McGurk wanted me to know he had received a copy of the stolen paper. Message received.

Earlier that same week Michael Weiner devoted an entire three hour show to
“what is schizophrenia?” However, by Friday Michael Weiner was saying
“maybe I am nuts.”

Mr. Weiner had a relapse the following week and on Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday he was playing German Punk Rock and Nazi Marching Songs while
shouting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name in a German accent. I understand
some readers will think this well with in the range of normal. However,
consider this, on Thursday and Friday Mr. Weiner was complaining that
Schwarzenegger’s campaign would not agree to come on his show. “Why?” he
wondered. “They are willing to go on smaller radio shows in California.
Why will they not come on my show? Why not me?” This is classic

In Mr. Weiner’s case his schizophrenia developed around the age of 12 just as he was entering the larger world outside his home.  Out side the home was the larger threatening world,  the gentile world,  what he calls the “savage” world.  At home was the Jewish world of his family which in his case was fraught with difficulties as he himself reports in his biography.  His schizophrenia expresses itself most clearly around this central issue: First he insults the gentiles. “That’s why you need me. You guys, (read
gentiles), when you become Conservatives you have a tendency to become . .
. Nationalists, (read fascists), that’s why you need me, Michael
Weiner.” (Oh, yes, he actually said this.) Then the paranoia kicks in and
he lives in unreasonable fear that the gentiles are out to get him.

Again I realize many readers are themselves “conflicted” over Jewish –
Gentile relations. With in the range of normal are many individuals with
greater or lesser degrees of conflict. What makes Michael Weiner
diagnosable is that his paranoid schizophrenia is unreasonable, i.e., well
outside the range of normal. He genuinely does not know how anyone could
take offense that he played Nazi Marching Songs while shouting
Schwarzenegger in a mock German accent. “Why will they not come on my show?”

Finally, consider this. You, the reader, may be conflicted over Jewish
Gentile relations. So in this case, the case of Michael Weiner, the
observer is also troubled over the same issues that trouble the subject and
is therefore reluctant to diagnose the subject out of the not unreasonable
view that the issue is troubling. But what if the next paranoid
schizophrenic we diagnose is obsessed  by the sun, or bees, or the color
purple. In this case the reader will have no trouble seeing the pattern of
behavior of the subject falls outside the range of normal because purple
etc. does not present the same issues to the reader.

Not everyone who is troubled by Jewish Gentile relations succumbs to
paranoid schizophrenia. What is admittedly a matter of concern for those
in the normal range is for Michael Weiner something else. Indeed he may
have gone undiagnosed precisely because his condition manifests itself
around an issue that is felt to be troubling in normally well adjusted
individuals and especially here where we have a subject who is otherwise a high functioning paranoid schizophrenic.

To conclude, ask yourself, why he would devote an entire show and most of
the week to discussing the issues raised in How Don and Mike Removed the
Evil One From MSNBC. A paper he knew had been stolen. A paper which
argues that he has previously devoted his radio program to other stolen
information obtained both by burglaries and electronic listening devises.
He knows that many people now know the truth about his conduct. He knows
there is a growing suspicion that he did the same things to Duane Garrett,
and drove him to his death.

And yet Michael Weiner can not restrain himself. What do you think?
Setting your own issues aside for just a moment, is it normal?

Michael Weiner: “O.K. next caller, what is paranoid schizophrenia?”

From:  <>
Reply To:
To:  <.com>
Subject:  McClintock
Date:  Fri, 29 Aug 2003 00:50:09 -0400
New Ruskin College invites you to attend the opening of the all new web

News Just In:

“Even now, much of McClintock’s campaign for governor consists of telephone
interviews on the state’s unofficial network of conservative talk radio
stations. . .” ---John Wildermuth, San Francisco Chronicle, 8-28-2003

Why “unofficial?” McClintock has already said that Hate Radio hosts are
the “new party bosses of the Republican Party.” He appears regularly with
Weiner. “Get AIDS and die you pig.” That doesn’t bother Mr. McClintock.
Hate Radio is official according to McClintock.

Don’t you just love riddles?

‘Some stories are too good not to tell, even if they are stories about our
neighbors. It seems that with astronomy, as with politics, all
astronomy is local.’ ABC Nightly News. 08-27-03

“Now, tell me (Mrs. Jack Swanson) what does the planet Mars have to do
with the recall election?” ---Jed Babbin, former Deputy Undersecretary of
Defense and now columnist with National Review and American Prowler.KSFO

From:  <>
Reply To:
To:  <
Subject:  Lee Rogers
Date:  Thu, 17 Apr 2003 14:59:08 -0400

"We think of KSFO radio as the Corrigador of Bay Area talk radio."
---- Lee Rogers 4-17-03

Well, well, finally, after all these years Lee Rogers has decided to
join the party. Not that there haven't been close calls in the past.

For example, when Mrs. Swanson was gone yet again from the show, (thank the
merciful gods), "investigating" for her "book" Lee commented that you
could almost say her interest was "compulsive." ( This being a reference
to the letters that had been recovered by CENCAL Insurance from its
system. (Imagine Paul "Pete" McCloskey's reaction when I told him my letters had
been intercepted!))


From:  <>
Reply To:
To:  <
Subject:  New Ruskin College
Date:  Tue, 15 Apr 2003 16:54:19 -0400

New Ruskin College invites you to the opening of our new page: Don Imus
Says Good Morning. Don Imus has been a supporter of New Ruskin College for
a number of years and has recently joined with us again in the discussion
of the future of Bio Warfare.

Come join our cast of thousands as we celebrate our new page with this
christening ceremony. Don't forget to look for the many new clues we have
hidden in the web site in the ongoing who done it.

"Talk about germ warfare, " ---- Bernard McGurk 3-24-03.

"Their judgment day is coming!" ---- Sean Hannity, 03-25-03.

"If there was a traffic accident out side this building . . . if you
interviewed them . . . there would be twenty different views on what had
just happened." ---- Secretary of Defense, 03-23-03.

In the past President Bush's father has joined us: "Oh, and one other
thing --- P. S. ! . . ."

And Mark Shields: "Oh, yeah, P.S."

"Weirdoos . . ." Thomas Oliphant, distinguished columnist.

And the P.B.S. Radio star, Garrison Keeler, after I made the mistake of
writing to Yvonne that her home town seemed . . : "Wonderful?
Wonderful? You can tell when someone isn't from around here, the
Mid-West. Wonderful? We don't use words like that to describe where we
live. No sir. Wonderful is a word we use to describe the Rocky Mountains,
the waves breaking on the Pacific Coast, Redwood forests, places like
that, but not the Mid West. Not where we live. This place isn't

I have been lucky in this temporary
business so far. I heard Daniel Shore say that "You can not expect that
the best will leave permanent jobs to take temporary ones," when speaking
about the quality of the arms inspectors in Iraq, (or was he . . .).
However, I think the insurance business in the Bay Area is different from
the market for arms inspectors in Iraq, don't you?

Let me share a story with you about the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan. I
had been writing the Senators, (i.e., U. S. Senators), about the need for
the use of technology in our schools. (Why? Don't ask that is another

So I wrote one letter where I tried to remind them about that time, long,
long ago when they were young. When the Kennedy Administration had just
come to town. I talked about, the publication of "My Years With General
Motors," about, "modern businesses in modern buildings." "The cockpit
of the free world." "I.B.M. logic and the vigor of youth. Do you
remember that word? Vigor? What a word, what a time." "We had said,
nay, we had believed with the enthusiasm and vigor of youth that if the
government manager did not become an active force for change, then he would
become just the over paid clerk that the critics accused the bureaucrats of
being." etc. etc.

Later, Senator Moynihan spoke on the floor of the Senate about our
"enthusiasms." When a Senate clerk walked past he mentioned "over paid
gobvernment clerks." (The Clerk did not react at all. (Good man!)) He
also spoke about American competence. As in, "What happened to us?
American competence? We once were . . . " etc.

I think Mr. Moynihan had responded to many of my letters. For example,
after I had shared my favorite novel, he shared his. Quoting from Disreali
he said in one speech, "The old Duke said to the young Duke, 'You will
know it by many colors, it shall march under many banners, but you shall
always know it by only one name ----- plunder.' " (But that too is
another story.)

Mr. Moynihan had particular reason to take note of this letter of mine
because I quoted him back to myself: "Doctor Strange Love. .. where . . .
are . . . you, . . . now . . . that. . . . . . . .we . ... . . . . . .
. need . . . . . . . . . you.?"

Any way years later the Chief of Police of New York City, I guess they
call them Commissioner , said in a interview that he got his idea for
cleaning up New York City from a speech Senator Moynihan had given. He
related that Mr. Moynihan had asked in his speech, what had happened to
American competence? And New York City, it had been the center of
American competence. What happened to New Your City? After the speech
the Commissioner related that he went right back to his headquarters and
started to design a program for policing the city that is largely credited
with revitalizing New York City.

All of the above is true, but what weight we should give to any one part
of it I do not know. I am merely grateful to have been privileged to play
any part.

Then years, still later, I wrote in a , ah, . . . .'court document' .
. , that "I'm not saying they (the Senators) are talking to me". . . as a
way of asserting my sanity. A few weeks later Mr. Moynihan rose on the
Senate floor and said, "I'm talking to anyone who will listen to me . ..
.. "

I'm still listening. (On nominating his replacement he added, "All
comers, are welcome.") He was a generous man.

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We support your work.

We have valuable information on Michael "Savage" Weiner. For example, did
you know that a British soldier, a Sergeant Savage by name, killed an
entire village of Fijians in the 19th century. Michael Weiner spent some
time on the island and must have heard the story of the mass murderer.

I have built my web site, (, to tell what I know
about Mr. Weiner, aka savage.

Please visit my page: Who Killed Duane Garrett?

I would be glad to join your web ring. (I know you will disagree with me
politically, but I think we can all agree that this . . . words fail . . .
hate, has to be stopped.

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